Monday, November 16, 2015

The Popularity Of The Namibia Luxury Safari

By Mattie Knight

Heading out into the African wilderness is a great way to explore the big five and really take a break from everything else in your life. The Namibia luxury safari is one of a kind and many folk come back from a trip like with a lot of fond memories. Of course, a safari like this does not have to set you back because there are many options that will suit your budget.

This is a chance to get away from your daily routine and escape the hustle and bustle in exchange for a little peace and tranquility. One is able to absorb nature and its surroundings. The area in the Etosha desert is massive, so you will be free from crowds and it is the perfect way to experience a little solitude.

There are many types of accommodation options available in this area, ranging from something that is less expensive to something where you will be served in style. There is nothing better than sitting in a lodge watching the sun go down and hearing a lion roar in the background.

In the more luxurious lodges, you will have your food cooked for you by experienced and qualified chefs, so this leaves you with nothing to do. The weather is always good. However, it is always better to come after the intense summer heat has past as this can be unbearable.

The fabulous thing about this area is that it is so vast and one is able to see so much. Other games parks are crammed with trees, bushes and tall grass, so animals are often difficult to spot. You will be spoilt with the big five and most tourists always come back with many positive memories. It can be hugely enriching.

Adventurous tourists enjoy a game walks with an experienced guide who is always prepared for the unexpected. You will go in a small group and have the opportunity to see the game close up. There is an opportunity to take more photos in this way.

Etosha is an amazing place for a safari because of it is so open and you can easily spot the animals. People often complain of spotting animals in game parks because they are camouflaged by the high grass or by big bushes and trees. However, in the desert area, one is able to get a good idea of what is happening.

Apart from the wonderful safaris that lie waiting to be explored, Namibia is a country that offers a lot more. One can head off to the sand dunes where you can go sand boarding. This is an adventure not to be missed. You can also take a desert tour and look into some of the history of the area. There is a good beach where one can cool off at should you be melting in the heat of the desert. The area has some German influence as you will soon discover, and it is interesting to look into this history as well.

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