Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Some Vital Laser Tag Tips

By Mattie Knight

There are some games in your life that you have to take more seriously than others. This is one of them. A chance to be in that small arena is not cheap. So, you have to make the most out of your experience and try to win for you to have something to brag about to everyone who is willing to listen.

The first tip is to choose the darker kind of suits for your team. Laser tag Chula Vista is all about hiding and attacking at the same time. Thus, use the suits for your team to camouflage with the wall and rethink your strategy with the rest of the players. This can help you win after the first round.

Your strategy in San Diego, CA will only work if you shall separate your best shooters from your newbies. This is not to discriminate their skills but to protect one another. With the lower team, your rivals will have a hard time pointing their rifles to your alpha side which can earn you a point.

Also, try to encourage your lower shooters to be still for most of the time. This is not to make the useless. On the contrary, their stable position can prevent them from being shot and that will give in more shooting power for the needed distraction. You can never win on a one on one set up because of your newly acquired skills.

When they take a step back, that is your signal to advance. Use the weaknesses of these people to your advantage. Do not be too kind on them since they will not give you the same courtesy if the table has been turned. Thus, continue moving forward but be sure to guard your own target point.

Use military films as your learning materials. However, you only have to focus on the strategies being used and nothing more. These people are still your colleagues even if you do not fully like them. Also, violence can only make others look at you differently which can make you less sociable.

Do not engage right away when the enemy is in your area. Surprise them for you to remain to be in the upper hand of the situation. Also, do not let anybody make a move that is not included in the strategy. This can make them spot where you are hiding and result to your immediate loss.

If there are only a few rivals for you to take on, proceed to their base. There would be less surprises there since you are getting near to the end of the game. Thus, simply have one person who can serve as the pawn and keep the best of what you have for the actual shooting. Again, play with an effective strategy in mind.

Put all of your focus in the game. If you are seeing something unusual from the other side ignore. Keep your eyes on the activation button of each one of your rivals. That can help maintain your balance in a room that is full of blinding lights. Train your eyes to see beyond the beams and on the prize waiting for you in the very end.

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