Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Best 3 Waterfalls In The World

By Jonny Blair

I've visited over 50 waterfalls now and I must say you don't often get a crap one (except for a few years ago on the Great Ocean Road in Australia when a waterfall advertised was literally just a drip! I've narrowed this list down to a top three as these three are head, shoulders and currents above the rest. I'm basing it only one waterfalls I've been to by the way (yet to do Angel Falls in Venezuela or Victoria Falls in Zambia/Zimbabwe).

1. ICELAND: Gullfoss:

Gullfoss could be a surprise inclusion, it could also be unknown. But believe me - if you ever visit Gullfoss you won't forget it. Iceland has a cold, windy, stormy climate and my visit to Gullfoss was a mixture of them all. It was just amazing. An unbelievable flow of endless constant water just runs and runs and you wonder to yourself - where on earth is all that water coming from! At the first sighting of Gullfoss you will be suitably inspired. An amazing place. To get to it, the best idea is to do the Golden Circle Tour when you're in Iceland and your driver will more than likely take you there. Don't miss it - there's also a souvenir shop nearby plus a coffee shop and restaurant.

2. Niagara Falls and Horsehoe Falls (on the border between CANADA and USA):

It was over 10 years ago since I was at the Niagara Falls. I did the Maid of the Mist tour and thoroughly enjoyed it. An amazing spray from these falls and the border town of Niagara is in an awesome location overlooking the spectacular waterfalls. It's FREE to gaze down onto the waterfall itself, but to do the Maid of the Mist Tour is still under $20 Canadian Dollars and even cheaper if you're a child, a student or a pensioner. I'd recommend it - you get up close to the falls and you get wet.

3. Iguazu Falls (on the border of BRAZIL and ARGENTINA):

SO the ongoing debate continues - which country is the best to view the Iguazu Falls from? And the answer is BOTH Argentina and Brazil. Plus the only way to experience it properly is actually to visit it from both sides, which I did in 2010 when I visited. Both National Parks are fairly close to each other and there are frequent border buses so you are best to view it from Both Argentina and Brazil. The Brazil one costs slightly more to get, which I noted, here's a rundown of them both:

Iguazu Falls, Argentina:

To get to the Argentina side catch a bus along Ruta 12 away from Puerto Iguazu town. You can get the bus from the town centre or from a bus stop opposite the Hostel Inn Iguazu. Get an entrance day ticket on arrival. In 2010 this cost me 85Pesos. There are three main things to do once inside: 1. Catch a train to Devil's Throat (Garganta del Diablo) - there's a few kilometres walk to see the falls from there. 2. Do the Upper Walk at the Station Cataratas 3. Do the lower walk at the Station Cataratas. You can also get a boat trip, view animals and there are souvenir shops and restaurants.

From The Brazil Side:

The Brazil Side of the falls featured wooden platforms right up close and personal to the waterfalls and a decent view over the border into Argentina. On the Brazil side the method of transport was by bus when I was there in 2010. There are a few walks along the side of the waterfall. Iguazu is just incredible!

You will probably find queues, viewing platforms etc. to be very busy such is the popularity of these waterfalls. Tourists are everywhere and how can you blame them. This is a must see waterfall!

So there you have it - a brief account of my top three. Happy travelling to waterfalls!

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