Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Guide To Myanmar Backpacking

By Timothy Stevens

Burma, or now known as Myanmar, is an extremely exotic place in the South East of Asia that many travelers love to go to. Now this country is actually an uncovered gold mine of amazing places and sights to visit. Of course if one is interested to go Myanmar backpacking, then there are some places that he definitely cannot miss out on.

One of the most popular places that can be found in this country is Yangon. In this place, one will be able to see the Shwedagon Pagoda which is the largest Pagoda in the entire country and the only big golden pagoda in the country. This pagoda is known to be even more beautiful than the other pagodas that can be seen in other South East Asian countries.

Now if one would want to take to the hills and over to the fields, then the place to visit would be Kyaiktiyo. This is a great place for one to relax as he can stay in the small town of Kinpun and make his way to the famous Golden Rock. This place is also great for some hiking journeys as well as wilderness trekking.

Yet another very beautiful place to visit would be the young and vibrant streets of Mandalay. Definitely in the list of nicest places to visit would be the U Bien Bridge which happens to be one of the most romantic spots that a lot of couples would go to for a visit. Of course one may also check out Mandalay Hill which is the most beautiful viewpoint in the entire country.

Now for those who love visiting the temples, Bagan is the best place to visit because Bagan has around a thousand temples to visit. All of these temples are very beautiful and a delight to the eyes. Also, one can ride a horse carriage and ride around the area while checking out some of the temples there in the area.

If one is more into the nature scene, then a place that he will definitely want to visit is Lake Inle. Lake Inle is the center of forests and a lot of wilderness. If one is into hiking, then he will enjoy trekking from Kalaw to Nyaung Shwe after he comes from the lake. The lake is also a great place for him to relax and chill.

For the beach bums out there, the place to go to would be Ngapali Beach. Now one has to know that Ngapali beach is not a luxury beach with hotels or swimming pools. It is actually a very bare beach with huts but retains its charm because it is not urbanized.

So for those who are planning to go to this amazing place while on vacation, do not forget to take a look at some of these places. One will definitely be able to enjoy himself if he would go to the places mentioned above. This country is a place wherein one can really have the adventure of a life time that he will never forget as long as he lives.

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