Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Experience Adventure With A Namibia Luxury Safari

By Catherine Jones

With an adventurous spirit and five or six thousand dollars you can have the African safari of your dreams. There are more choices than you might imagine, so sit back and take some time to visit the websites. People who like the idea of seeing wild animals running free, but are not too happy about roughing it with a sleeping bag and camping equipment can have both luxury and safari at the same time. You can discover the Namibia luxury safari that will surpass anything you could imagine.

Picture a luxurious flying safari that includes four destinations with beautiful landscapes and wildlife living the way they were meant to live, roaming free across the land. You will travel by air to Windhoek, the small capital city of Namibia. The architecture is German, and you will stay in a castle named the Hotel Heinizburg. This is a Relais and Chateaux property, a very respected and rare distinction. The sixteen guest rooms are luxuriously appointed, and the property is complete with all the amenities you would find at any five star hotel.

Your next stop is the Sossusvlei Desert Lodge where guests are surrounded by towering sand dunes of terracotta color due to the iron content. The dunes look forsaken of any life forms. This is one of the driest ecosystems in the world, yet there are flat pans of cracked sand, vleis, that do sustain some life. You will spend two days exploring the Namib Desert, or you may choose to take in the luxury of the lodge.

Then you will travel by air to Damaraland and stay the Mowani Mountain Camp in the Twfelfontein Conservancy. There are fourteen luxurious huts grouped closely like an African village. The activities are varied. They offer elephant nature drives where guests see these enormous animals in their natural environment. Or you can go hot air ballooning to get a birds eye view of the landscape.

Following two days of staying at the Conservancy, the final leg of the trip is the Etosha National Park. You are going to be here for two days. The Mushara Collection, a lodge that has separate villas, or the Onguma Game Reserve are your choices for lodging. The surrounding acreage is home to many of the majestic African animals. The various species, some familiar and some not, intermingle at the nearest watering hole.

After this last stay you are flown back to Windhoek, where you can catch a plane home. This is one of many choices of all manner of adventure in all manner of countries. The travel companies and their websites will help you choose the package that is best for you. You can take this adventure for over five thousand dollars for each traveler. The price of luxury is worth the unspoiled beauty unseen in any other country.

You should first spend hours researching the different websites. They are very elaborate and detailed with complete itineraries and magnificent photos. Any one of these safaris would be the trip of a lifetime.

For those who have never traveled to any part of Africa, there is no way to prepare you. You will be like a child seeing everything for the first time. Every sight is a new one. Your adventure will be inspirational and stay with you forever.

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