Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How To Prepare For Polar Bear Tours Churchill

By Peter Wilson

Churchill is perhaps the most visited destination in Canada by animal lovers. This is because it is a unique human settlement that allows people to see the polar bear while in its habitat. Here this animal is easily found living and coexisting with humans. The period between October and November is a prime bear season. At this time, the area gets many visitors who come for the polar bear tours Churchill. Ideally, this is a memorable season to be in Canada.

Visitors get to experience and explore the magnificent Arctic landscape. There are many daily tours around the area because visitors want to see and take photos of the bears. It is also fun to explore the land on foot. There are special vehicles called Tundra that are used by guides to take people around in the snowy terrain. It is important to prepare for this tour properly.

Make sure to get an excellent travel agency to plan this trip. A good option will tell you what to expect while in the area in terms of the weather and climate conditions. In addition, they will tell clients about the food commonly eaten and advice them on what to carry. This includes clothing and accessories. Always beware of unscrupulous people who con people of their money by pretending to run tour agencies. Search online for legitimate options and do background checks before committing to them.

Always carry a camera to capture memories and photos of the polar bear. The region has a breathtaking landscape. This provides a good backdrop of ice and snow while taking shots of the animals. The area is also popular for its magnificent display of northern lights. These are easily seen because there are many clear nights. Surely, this is a good place to bring out the photographer in you.

One should carry warm clothes to avoid getting sick or hypothermia. Many agencies advice their clients to prepare for the cold, windy conditions and rain. They further advice you to carry some warm boots that are either neoprene or rubber insulated. As for the rain, waterproof jackets, raincoats and pants are sufficient to keep you dry and warm. The pants should not be made from cotton.

Wool toque and fleece hats are perfect to keep your head warm. This is because these are made of materials that are quick to dry. Wind resistant mittens also come in handy as do long underwear made from wool or synthetic materials. Remember to carry socks to keep feet warm.

When it comes to accessories, one should carry toiletries, phones, sunglasses and alarm clocks that glow even in the dark. They should also carry any medicine or vitamins they use. These should come with a complimentary backpack that is waterproof to keep things in it dry.

Carry some cash, a credit and a debit card. The debit card is useful if one runs out of quick cash while the credit cards pay for large bills. Carry own internet because that which is provided may not be strong enough. A smart phone that tethers with a laptop is perfect as is a MiFi Card.

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