Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Compensation Plan Of Worldventures Dreamtrips

By Michael Wood

Traveling around the world is something that most people can only dream about because they need the money to do so. With Worldventures Dreamtrips memberships, it is very easy for one to do so because this organization is built on the foundation that everyone should travel and enjoy themselves. This company aims to make travel a customized and personal type of experience for all members.

Now before learning about what this business has to offer, it is always best to know about the background of the company first. Now this company was first founded by two businessmen named Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue who were very much passionate about adventure and traveling to many different places. They shared the vision of having the perfectly customized travel experience which they turned into something big that could be shared with the whole world.

So with their shared vision, they created a company wherein they could offer personalized travel packages to many places around the world. So if one would want to go on a trip abroad and stay in the finest hotels eating the finest food, then this is the company to join. All one would have to do in order to enjoy this kind of leisure would be to sign up as a member.

Of course there are so many companies out there that would offer travel packages so one may ask himself what makes this one different from the others. Well the unique thing about this company is that it not only sells travel packages but it also offers people an opportunity to earn money too. So if one may think about it, he can actually enjoy the products of this company and also earn money at the side.

Now to give people an overview of what they can expect from this company, there are two mains ways that they can earn money. The first way would be to sell the travel products of the company by being an independent sales representative. The other way would be to receive a commission from sales of people who have been recruited and put under a network.

Now for the networking point of view, there would be a way to earn a lot of referral bonuses through recruitment. Now the first way is the uni level program which is also known in the company as the lineage organization. Basically, one will recruit as many people to be under him as possible and will earn commission bonuses for the sales of these people.

Now the other way would be the binary organization which is a favorite among the network marketers. Basically this organization would deal with a representative putting two people under him and the pair would earn him some sort of commission. After that, the two people under him are taught to do the same and the two people as well as the original recruiter would be getting some residual income.

Now that is just an overview of how one can be able to earn money and enjoy travel experiences at the same time. This company is built on the philosophy that people who enjoy to travel should be able to do just that and earn. That way, they do not need to work so hard to experience traveling.

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