Monday, January 4, 2016

Why People Love Vacations In Cape Town

By David Young

There are plenty of different holidays which can offer a great time away from the stress in the office. Vacations in Cape Town have been attracting a lot of tourists recently, simply because there is so much to do and see. In the past the whole country was a little unstable and folk were afraid of coming here. However, it is completely safe to come to these parts now.

There is basically something for everyone, which means that families, young and old are able to take advantage of this wonderful place. There are less expensive backpackers and hostels to stay in as well as upmarket hotels to enjoy. In addition to that, people find that this is a good place to travel to because of what you get out of the exchange rate. You can get a lot out of the dollar or the pound.

There are many restaurants which offer different cuisines and affordable prices. A lot of these offer spectacular views of the mountain, the ocean as well as the vines. One can sit in the laid back atmosphere and forget about your troubles or routines which may be troublesome back at home. There is a lot of seafood, curries as well as bistro food.

The wine is excellent in this part of the world and it is also world renowned. Many people go to wine farms in the area. There are estates in the area, so you don't have to travel great distances. A place like Groot Constantia has a lot of history behind its name. There are a couple of restaurants here and you can go on a tour which is incredibly interesting.

Families can escape to the beautiful beaches or to the famous Kirstenbosch Botanical gardens. There are areas which you will find it is completely safe for children to run around and parents can be by themselves for a while. A the boulder beach, you will be able to see a huge amount of penguins, and children always love this area.

Families will also enjoy the Kirstenbosch Botanical gardens where there are a huge amount of plant species to learn about, typical to this area. The gardens are huge and children can run around safely while parents can enjoy some time together at one of the restaurants. In the summer time, one can enjoy a concert which is always a treat.

Wine tours can be arranged at reasonable rates. It is something to think about since these juices are world famous and won't disappoint. You will find that the guides are extremely professional and know exactly what they are doing. You will be taken to some of the best wine farms which are only about an hour outside of Cape Town.

Public transport comes in the form of trains and buses. There are some areas where you will be needing a car to get around because this transport does not go everywhere. Renting a car is easy. You can find out more about this online or though the hotel you are staying at.

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