Monday, March 28, 2016

Door-To-Door Transportation And Orlando Airport Shuttle

By Jason Davis

When it comes to airport transfers and transportation in Florida, there are several options. Most often, Disney and other lodging facilities will offer free or low cost Orlando airport shuttle service. For visitors desiring other modes of transportation, there is no shortage when it comes to taxis, town cars, Uber or Lyft drivers.

If desiring to hire a town car, it is often advised travelers due so in advance. Individuals can hire a driver and town car for a day, an hour, an evening and sometimes even longer. As such, for those on an unlimited budget, a ride can be waiting outside the door at any given time. Visitors opting to use free or low-cost shuttle service may have to travel with others, or make reservations on a first come, first serve basis.

Mears and other local taxi services are always available outside airport terminals. While this is the case, it can often be far less expensive to use a designated or door-to-door shuttle service. For, while taxis operated on a metered system, shuttles are often a flat fee for one or more passengers. At the same time, for travelers in a hurry, taxis can often provide a more direct service as some shuttles tend to stop at different locations in route.

Lyft and Uber are now good alternatives to traditional taxi cabs in most areas. Users need to keep in mind that while this is the case, there is often surge pricing during rush hours and special events. When booking any car service, it is always important to ask about flat rates, metered rates or increased pricing due to traffic or special events.

Public transportation remains the least expensive mode of transportation in Orlando, Florida and elsewhere. Most people who use public transportation on a regular basis often save a lot of money by not having to drive or park. For those interested in public transportation, stop by a local visitor center to pick up maps, schedule and other information related to city transit systems.

SuperShuttle, a well known service in the United States can take passengers from the airport to a specific address. When desiring to be dropped off at a location other than a hotel, it is important to have the destination address available. In most cases, the shuttle service will already have this information if booked through an easy-to-use online reservation system.

When it comes to MCO and other lower cost shuttle service, it is important to remember that it could take longer to reach a destination. For, unlike SuperShuttle which offers dedicated door-to-door service based on advance reservations, there are several stops on these other shuttles. While MCO and other low cost operators will provide service on a first come, first serve basis, reservation holders do come first.

Travelers need keep in mind, there are two types of shuttle service, door-to-door and shared. These services can be a great option, especially when riders can make advance reservations. For, while some shuttles operate on a first come, first serve basis, most request travelers make advance reservations to avoid long wait times.

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