Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Making The Most Out Of Your Apartment Hotel Stay In Paradise

By Elizabeth Howard

Barbados, a Caribbean tourist destination with a vivid past. It was colonized by the British and was a stop over for pirates who needed to replenish their stocks or lick their wounds from months at sea. Economy that primarily came from agriculture was slow at first until the island nation transformed itself into one of the most iconic tourist destinations in the world.

In the old days, it was hard to fathom that the small island nation could become a place the whole world knew but that is exactly what happened. The idea of maintaining a Barbados apartment hotel as a main source of livelihood used to seem absurd but now has become a reality for most of their entrepreneurs. The place has come a long way and definitely has a place on any travelers bucket list.

When you get to the island, expect to be greeted with smiles from the easy going locals who will be more than happy to offer you a variety of services. Quickly, you will get a taste of their culture. Even just conversations with the taxi driver on your way to your hotel could be enough for you to have an overflowing itinerary.

After you have gotten settled, you will already be in the right place, the beach. Most tourist accommodations will generally be in that area. You can go anywhere around the coast from there, even untouched patches of sand can be just as good as any resort. Places that resemble private resorts might actually actually be public beaches owned by the government. When at the beach you also have access to water taxis, boats that take you wherever you want along the coast similar to their terrestrial counterparts.

There is no shortage of seafood restaurants, water sports, and seaside virtually on every beach. The catch for the day might even find itself on top of your plate with you salivating over it. And the cuisine is, without question, in a class of its own.

When you finish lunch you can opt to go into the different water sports, go on a sunset cruise, snorkel and see the beautiful coral reefs. The wilderness of the island however, is another thing worth exploring. If you choose to explore the forests instead, it would be best to have a guide.

A highlight in the island nation as far as natural beauties are concerned is the caves. There is even one that opens straight into the Atlantic ocean and it has a natural pool only separated from the sea by the entrance of the cave. You could say this is how nature responds to infinity pools.

If you get tired of all the swimming, you can wander even deeper to see the equally breathtaking forests. Take some time to sip fresh coconut juice and have a light mid afternoon snack in a restaurant in the middle of the forest beside monkeys. After the quick recharge, you can move into the city to see the beautiful mural paintings, be dazzled by their culture, or experience the nightlife on the streets.

This summer, if you want a place to unload all your stress on and unwind, Barbados is a shoo in. In this day and age it is a lot easier to book trips. Prepare your sun tan, do yourself a favor and go to Barbados.

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