Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Planning A Point San Luis Lighthouse Wedding

By Daniel Butler

More and more couples prefer an outdoor wedding because they want the ceremony held in a romantic as well as beautiful setting. Still, things might go beyond control due to weather elements, so they need to properly plan the event and exert adequate effort.

An outdoor event must be planned carefully without forgetting the climate is one factor. You must ensure that the weather is suitable when and where you want your wedding to be held. If you prefer to have your wedding at Point San Luis lighthouse, you must ensure that the temperature is not that windy, cold or hot. The time and date of the wedding should be picked by considering the convenience of the guests.

If the ceremony will be held in a public location, it would be best for couples to make certain they are equipped with the required permits. A great restaurant nearby would be an excellent location of the reception and this will make things simpler also. Hanging bulbs, spot lights, candles and torches may be required if the wedding will be in the afternoon or evening. It would be best for them to consult a professional what the outdoor wedding plan should be considering the numerous options for safe lighting.

The outdoor wedding location that couples prefer will affect the menu as well. If the wedding day is hot or humid, it would be best to serve many cold beverages just like iced tea, refreshing drinks and cool water. The location should be guest-friendly as well. It has to be taken into account also. The guests will certainly roam around the open area.

There should be small areas in the location so that certain group of people can stay together if they want to. Not to mention, access to facilities including restrooms are necessary for guests with disabilities or for the elderly ones. The decors have to be windproof. To ensure all your guests are safe, you have to think about the weather elements that are sometimes unexpected.

Couples should plan to prepare a set up within a considerable amount of time once they have chosen their location and setting. Renting their tents weeks before their wedding is advisable. They need an entire team to put up the tent and the team definitely needs some time to do it and test for any accidents that could possibly happen.

Appropriate attire along with footwear have to be suggested by the couple before the ceremony. Their guests may be required to walk on sand or lawn, so they have to add a small note on the invitation. They should not miss checking the microphones.

If you will hire a professional photographer to capture the special moments as you say I do, you need to talk to him or her. This will help the professional to figure out what strategy to use especially when taking shots with the necessary shadows or lights. You must inform the professional of the seating arrangements also. Bear in mind that you intend everyone to be seen on the photos. In the event that your mind is not yet fixed on one location, a plan B is necessary.

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