Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Break Grand Canyon National Park Chopper And Plane Excursions

By Erik Magnus

Spring Break is not far away, so it's a good time to start thinking about how you're going to celebrate. If you plan on being in Vegas anyway, then you should consider taking an airplane or helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. These tours are very popular and they sell out fast, so if you want to take one, you need to book early.

Helicopter Tours

Helicopters fly at the South Rim and the West Rim. The West Rim is closest to Las Vegas, and helicopters fly direct. If you want to take a helicopter ride at the South Rim in Arizona, there's a connecting airplane flight from Las Vegas.

All tours take you over Lake Mead and the monumental Hoover Dam. Airplanes take an hour to reach the South Rim, while helicopters make it to the north rim in under 45 minutes.

When you go to the West Rim, you can choose a landing tour or an air-only tour. The air-only tour shows you all the main highlights from the air only and then flies back to the city. The landing tours are even more fun because you get to add on ground adventures.

One of the more popular tours lands on the Canyon floor after a thrilling descent inside the Canyon, and once it lands, you can enjoy a champagne picnic or a boat tour along the Colorado River. There's also a top landing tour, where you can take one of the many walking tracks to reach scenic lookout points. The Skywalk is also located on top of the West Rim. This special glass platform is transparent, and will give you the ultimate thrill as you stand 4000ft above the bottom of the Canyon.

Helicopter Tours Of The South Rim

If you fly to the Grand Canyon South Rim, you will transfer to a helicopter for the sightseeing tour. There are two options available. One is a 30 minute trip, and the other is a 50 minute extended tour. The shorter tour goes to the North Rim, before heading back to the town of Tusayan. The longer tour, which I recommend, follows the same path but also goes all the way out to the eastern boundary. The extended tour is the best option because it will fly you over the top of 75% of the National Park. The small increase in ticket price is worth every penny.

South Rim helicopters don't land inside the Canyon itself, but there are ground tours available by Jeep or bus if you really want to experience everything that the Canyon has to offer.

Airplane Tours

Airplane tours go directly to both the South and West Rim. If you're looking for an affordable type of air tour, then touring by plane is your best bet. Plus, you can add other adventures to your tour such as a helicopter flight to the bottom of the West Rim. If you take an airplane tour of the South Rim, your plane will follow the same flight path as the 50-minute helicopter tour.

One difference between the two types of air tours is that airplanes need to fly at a higher altitude than helicopters, and anther important difference is that the airplanes can carry more people on each tour. The airplanes carry 19 at a time, so if you're flying with several people, an airplane tour is probably the best choice. However, if excellent viewing is the most important thing to you, then you'll want to book a helicopter tour since the choppers fly lower than planes and they have bigger viewing windows. When you book a deluxe helicopter tour, you will fly on an EcoStar chopper that has a panoramic wraparound windshield and six seats arranged stadium style for unobstructed views. These helicopters also provide a quieter and smoother flight experience.

To Conclude

Spring Break calls for a special adventure, and there's no place that offers more adventure than the Grand Canyon. Flying from Las Vegas, you will have a number of options, with something that will suit any budget.

Book soon to avoid disappointment. I recommend booking once you've already confirmed your Vegas accommodation. When you book online and pay with your credit card, you will receive the best prices, as you avoid added travel agency fees.

A trip to the Grand Canyon remains memorable for a lifetime. Do it in style with an airplane or helicopter tour, and experience all that the National Park has to offer.

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