Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Discover The Many Sights Of An Awesome Tropical Isle

By Andrew Lee

A vacation far away from home is something everyone should do often. Whenever the pressures of work or school obligations are getting too intense, that means you should take a breather from everything. And a good place to relax and unwind from the daily grind is by jetting off to this magnificent location in the West Indies.

Somewhere within the West Indies is a tiny island nation that is formally known as Saint Christopher Island and is nicknamed Sugar City. This little slice of paradise is just the ticket you need to embark on a fabulous holiday. If you want to tour St Kitts and see the wonders within her shores, then this guide will help you in that department.

Elevate yourself. The sky is the limit, literally, if you desire to take in some dramatic and panoramic views from the highest point on the isle. Take a thrilling hike all the way up to the summit of Mount Liamuiga and bask in the glory once you have reached the top. The scenery from the peak of this dormant volcano is just begging to be photographed.

Travel back in time. In historical times, the island was colonized by Britain and they took measures to defend the area from pirates by building a fortress. Brimstone Hill Fortress sounds pretty foreboding, but the structure has survived over time and now includes a museum section. Bonus points to the fact that this place is also declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tropical locomotion. The nation is known as a producer of sugar and a railway system circling the whole isle was built to transport tons of the sweet stuff. Nowadays, the locomotive nicknamed the Sugar Train has been decommissioned and is now converted into a touring railroad for visitors. The train offers great landscape views as well as quaint houses in the countryside.

Feast for the eyes. Infuse some local color into your tropical vacation. Buy some handmade souvenirs such as batik courtesy of the artisans selling them by the dozen along Old Road. But if you prefer to simply look at beautiful places, check out the meticulously restored gardens at the Romney Manor estate so you will feel a rush of inspiration.

Flora and fauna. Despite the small size of this country, this island is home to a sizable amount of thriving rainforest. Travelers can take guided tours through the national park and be amazed at the surrounding greenery. You can even take a dip in nearby natural springs while observing animals such as monkeys swing their way through trees.

Pure shores. Of course, no trip to paradise is complete without a mandatory pit stop to the beach. Sunshine, sand, and sea awaits you and the combination is prime for some lazy days sprawled out sunbathing or swimming in crystal clear waters. Always remember to wear sunscreen to protect yourself against the harsh rays of the sun.

This handy guide will definitely be a useful resource when planning your trip to this nation. A holiday in an exotic location is something you have to try at least once in your life. With all these fantastic things in store, you do not have to worry about running out of exciting things to do while vacationing in Saint Kitts.

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