Monday, May 2, 2016

Fantastic Las Vegas Grand Canyon National Park Heli Travels On Memorial Day

By Ione Mahler

Memorial Day will soon be here and that means you'll have a holiday weekend to take a fun getaway. This is a fantastic season for touring the Grand Canyon, and one of the most fun ways to do that is on a helicopter tour you take from Vegas. You can take one of these helicopter tours any day, even on Memorial Day holiday, so get ready to plan your tour with the help of the following tips.

Getting The Best Price On Your Tour

Booking online is the most convenient way to arrange your tour, and also make sure that you use your credit card to confirm your flights. This will get you the best ticket price while also ensuring that your seats are fully confirmed. You'll just need to bring a photo ID on the day, and check in 30 minutes early for your flight.

Vegas Tours

When you take a helicopter tour from Vegas to the West Rim, you'll get to fly over the massive Boulder Dam and Lake Mead on the way to the Canyon. The West Rim tours are available as air-only tours or landing tours, and the landing tours are highly recommended.

Landing flights can either go to the top or the bottom of the Canyon. At the top, there are plenty of walking tracks, as well as the famous Skywalk transparent platform. Buying tickets to the platform will allow you to stand 4000ft above the bottom, and it's an experience that you won't forget.

Of course, you would really enjoy a bottom landing tour too. One of the best ones is a flight down to the bottom of the Canyon where you can have a champagne picnic by the Colorado River and then take a scenic boat ride.

The ultimate tour of the West Rim is a package that includes landings on top of the rim as well as the Canyon floor so you can see it all.

South Rim Tours

Helicopters don't fly from Vegas to the South Rim because it's too far, however, you can get to the South Rim by airplane in about an hour, and then you can begin your helicopter tour in Tusayan, Arizona, which is just outside the main gates of the National Park. From there, you can choose from two helicopter tours. The shorter tour is one that goes to the North Rim, and back to the South. Then there is a longer tour that is definitely recommended even though it does cost more. It covers the same route but also adds in some extra flying time to the eastern areas of the park. It gives you 50 minutes of air time and covers 75 percent of the National Park. If you love sightseeing, then the longer tour is for you.

Taking A Deluxe Tour

Basic tours typically fly in Bell Ranger helicopters, and include a van shuttle service to the helipad. These tours operate from Boulder City which is just outside of Vegas. Deluxe tours fly directly from the Strip if you're going to the West Rim, and they include a limousine shuttle service for a true VIP experience. The best thing about deluxe is the helicopter you will fly in. It's a late model EcoStar 130, which features a massive viewing window, oversized stadium seats, and a spacious cabin. Although you'll pay a little extra for deluxe, the upgrade in sightseeing from the newer helicopter is worth the price.

Be prepared for hot weather at the West Rim by bringing extra water, snacks, and sun block, and be sure to dress for the high temperatures too. Also, since these tours are quite popular, you want to book your tour ahead of time. You should plan on buying your tour at least two weeks ahead of time if possible.


Now that you know a little more about what's on offer at the Grand Canyon, you'll be able to pick the best adventure that suits your needs and your budget. Remember to book online, and book early so that you won't miss out on tickets. If you leave it too close to the day you intend to fly, you will end up paying a premium for your tickets.

Remember to prepare with everything that you need for a day trip, and you'll be ready for a scenic adventure like nothing else in the United States.

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