Sunday, May 15, 2016

Las Vegas Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours For Memorial Day Holiday

By Beth Adams

Not many days left for Memorial Day. As you are anyway spending your holidays in Las Vegas, it's better you work at making your vacation as unique and remarkable as possible. Grand Canyon air journeys are the best means of touring the city and with so many flight options to choose from, you are sure to find something fitting your finances and wants.

Taking Tours from Vegas

Vegas tours come in two varieties. There are flyover tours, and then there are landing tours. Whichever option you choose, you will follow the same route on the way out to the Grand Canyon. This means that there will be a flyover of the Lake Mead reservoir, and the impressive Hoover Dam. Once at the Canyon, the flyover tour will perform some scenic passes, before heading back to Vegas. If you choose the landing option, then your helicopter will either set you down at the top, or the bottom of the Canyon.

The bottom landing tour is my personal favorite, and it's also hugely popular with visitors. You will be set down right next to the Colorado River, and you can enjoy a champagne picnic after exiting the helicopter. If you want to get even more out of the bottom landing tour, then make sure that you book a boat tour, which will allow you to witness the Canyon from a whole new perspective.

Of course, the top landing trips are also wonderful with its various trekking routes and observation spots atop the West Rim. The Grand Canyon skywalk is also a very famous place of interest. This platform has a transparent floor, which will give you the ultimate thrill as you stand 70ft from the rim, and 4000ft from the bottom of the Canyon. It's the perfect spot to have your photo taken by one of the official park photographers.

South Grand Canyon

You have to take a short air trip spanning an hour to reach South Rim, which is in adjacent Arizona, from Las Vegas. The 50 minute helicopter flight at the South Rim takes you across the North and South Rims and the park's eastern part's limits. As a car or tour bus ride from Vegas to South Rim takes 5.5 hours, it is better to take the flight than driving if you want to visit the South Rim.

Booking Deluxe Tours

When you book your tickets, you will need to choose between basic and deluxe. I always recommend deluxe, because there's only a moderate increase in ticket price, and for that you will get the best experience. Deluxe tours use the EcoStar 130 helicopter, which is custom built for sightseeing. It has a larger viewing window than any other helicopter, and it has large seats in a stadium layout so that nobody's view is obstructed. Deluxe tours also include a limousine shuttle service, which adds a little bit of extra value to your already fantastic tour package.


As a last word, make sure that you book your tickets soon. I recommend that bookings are made no later than two weeks before you intend to fly. You don't want to miss your tickets with Memorial Day and its peripheral days being so busy. For confirmed seat reservations, use your credit cards while making convenient online bookings. Online bookings also assure you premium prices.

As it is extremely hot in the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, you need to take along some light clothes to cover your arms, bottled water, sunscreen and some food. Get ready for a penultimate experience available nowhere else in North America after picking your desired date and tour pack.

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