Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Machu Picchu Tour Package Can Create A Dream Vacation

By Sandra Russell

Vacations are usually special times for people. Not everyone gets to spend an extended period relaxing or doing something out of the ordinary. Some individuals save up for years for that perfect vacation they have dreamt about. The dream may include seeing relatives, spending time at a beachfront bungalow, or taking the whole family to a famous theme park in Florida or California. Still others dream of taking a once in a lifetime tour of an exotic and exciting faraway place. If you are one of these dreamers, you might want to look into a Machu Picchu tour package destination.

The ancient city was reportedly built in the fifteenth century high up the mountains of Peru. The Incas may have constructed it as a religious retreat and estate for their emperor. Never completed, it was abandoned in the mid-fifteen hundreds when epidemics and war ravaged the male population. Over the centuries the jungle overtook the city until an American archaeologist discovered it during the early twentieth century.

Since that time it has been explored, researched, and written about by hundreds of scientists and historians. Today Machu Picchu is a favorite destination for hundreds of thousands of eager visitors every year. Many tours begin in the Sacred Valley where the ancient Incas met to exchange goods in the marketplace. One of this area's most distinctive landmarks is the Temple of the Sun.

Those who are interested in the agricultural techniques of Incas can investigate the terraces and the way the citizens tilled their crops. You will probably be very impressed when you learn that they had to haul the top soil up from the valleys below to create those terraces.

The irrigation system the Incas created here is also very ingenious. It seems that they had extremely advanced ideas for their time. Existing stonework also suggests that they understood how to build structures that would last through time.

In order to get a real feel for the way people lived in this region, many choose to take hiking tours. Hikes may last for a couple of days or more than a week, and they may vary in intensity. Trip organizers often employ locals as guides. It is probably to use a guide f you are not very familiar with the area. Some people choose to strike out on their own or in small private groups. This is not a decision that everyone wants to make however.

While many really enjoy the rigors of a hiking tour, others may have something a little more relaxed and laid back in mind. There is plenty to do in the area when you are not walking the ruins. Colorful local marketplaces offer all kinds of items, and vendors will not be shy about trying to entice you into making a purchase or two.

A vacation trip to Machu Picchu can be a magical adventure that you will not soon forget. The Lost City of the Incas is truly one of this world's new seven wonders.

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