Saturday, September 10, 2016

How To Choose The Correct Manuel Antonio Hotels For Your Next Trip

By Ronald Howard

Living in a cold climate, most of us would dream of a vacation close to nature in a tropical island somewhere. We may have heard of a close to nature vacation near Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica and this as aroused our interest. If you do plan to visit this place, then definitely you may need some information on getting practical Manuel Antonio hotels information for your next booking and trip.

Prepare a checklist of things that you need to consider when making a planning decision such as an extended trip. This will help you consider all possible angles and data that you need so as you can have a well informed and rock solid decision.

Budget of course will be a main concern for most travelers, unless you are a millionaire or billionaire of course, wherein this will not matter. But for most ordinary mortals this is an issue. A typical one week stay will offset a visitor around USD 1,600 or so for the most basic of accommodations and a fair share of sight seeing and local touring.

Manuel Antonio has plenty of things to do for the nature lover. So expect activities related to the outdoors and related to it and gauge if you are really up to it. There are plenty of hiking trails and other things to do in the 680 hectares expanse. As additional info, be informed that the park allows only a maximum of 600 people on weekdays and 800 on weekends. It is open on Tuesdays to Sundays only, from the hours of 7:30 am to 4:00 pm, so do plan accordingly.

Thirty seven hotels are there for the choosing that are 3km away from the park itself. They range from two star level accommodations all the way to four star with prices ranging from USD 56 on the low end to USD 1423 on the high end for an overnight stay. This range can of course change depending on the season and demand.

Duration of your stay will also dictate how much you will spend. Some hotels offer a fourth night for free for every three days that you spend with them. Other special offers they have also give free accommodation for children of a certain age.

Take advantage also of seasonal rates when traveling. Peak season for Costa Rican visits are the dry months of December to April, as this is when the beach goers all flock in. The off season and rainier months of April to November is actually the best time to visit Manuel Antonio, for everything will be greener, and cheaper too.

And most importantly of all keep in mind that you are traveling to a tropical country. Bring only light clothes, preferably made of cotton and also bring plenty of bug spray and sun block. In addition, be prepared to sweat a lot also. Should this article be of use to you and helped you out a lot, then do it pass it on.

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