Friday, September 30, 2016

Planning Your Rehearsal Dinner In Just Nine Simple Steps

By Karen Stevens

The rehearsal dinner is one popular tradition for the North American people. It is a pre wedding ceremony that is usually held at the night of the wedding rehearsal or at the night before the wedding day. And because this is an important event, most of the couples would prefer on having it two nights before the big day. And by this, they can still have time to recuperate, relax, and get ready for main ceremonies.

This event can be a great opportunity for two families in spending their time together. On this day, they should take advantage on a relaxed environment and which is full of happiness. But the main goal of planning this rehearsal dinner Nashville is to relieve any tension that everyone may be feeling, thus, making them comfortable without diverting their attention from the main event.

The event cost is traditionally incurred by grooms parents. But it depends on the decision of both families. Sometimes, this is incurred by brides parents or the decision is that both families will shoulder it. The guests who will be invited importantly are your immediate families, the spouses and members of the wedding party, parents of children who are invited, and lastly is the officiant.

This article will be sharing with you on how to plan the event in just nine simple steps. First, you decide the hosting. Traditionally, grooms parents are the ones who shoulder for a rehearsal dinner and brides parents for wedding. At times, both parents prefer on sharing responsibilities for wedding, so the couples are the ones who shoulder the dinner.

Second is considering it casual. Being casual is important because this is the time where in your invited guests will be meeting for the very first time. Dress codes should be more likely the wedding ceremony attire. It is also important to consider an open seating so that guests can seat wherever they want, so avoid assigning tables. Third is to choose a fun theme such as sports night, outdoor barbecues, or hoedown.

Fourth is picking the perfect spot. To give the celebration with a different feeling, better choose a location which is unique. Unique venues may include a beer garden, a bowling alley, or a local park for casual barbecue party. Restaurants can also be a good choice. Fifth is creating the guest list. The close family members should be invited, the officiant with their spouses, and close friends. If there are a lot of guests, consider on only having cocktails or desserts instead of full meals to lower the cost.

Sixth is scheduling it right. Consider those invited guests who are still working. Give them enough time to get out of work and go to the venue. Typically, the party starts by 6 pm and the dinner starts at 7 p. M. If some guests cannot attend on the late evening, a breakfast celebration can be a good suggestion.

Seventh is you pass the mic to guests. They should have the chance to give some short speeches to the couple. Couples should also have a preparation for a short speech. Eighth is you give gifts. Presenting gifts to the family, specifically the parents for gratitude, love, guidance, and support.

Ninth, you provide them with some friendly reminders. Reminders are often about important details and important announcements on your big day. Reminders may include item to bring, time, location, and attire.

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