Wednesday, September 21, 2016

There Are Costa Rica House Rental Opportunities For All Budgets

By Diane Edwards

More and more people are discovering the unique beauty of Costa Rica. It boasts amazing weather, brilliantly colored birds, and wild animals that roam freely. This Central American country is blessed with friendly, well educated citizens pleased to see the tourists who flock there every year. The country has a vibrant economy that depends on tourism for much of its stability. If you are lucky enough to have an opportunity to visit, you will find a huge selection of Costa Rica house rental properties to stay in.

For those with the means, there are some amazing villas available to rent with every luxury imaginable. Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, or in a group, you will have a variety of houses to choose from. If you are interested in a magnificent rain forest retreat, you may be in luck. There are properties with ten or eleven bedrooms and baths available for up to ten thousand dollars a night. You can expect an infinity pool, poolside bar, fully equipped spa, and much more.

There are plenty of cozier accommodations that will cost less than you would spend on a single night in a nice hotel. If you need only a couple of bedrooms and baths, you can enjoy ocean views and a covered patio overlooking your own private pool. Amenities such as wireless internet access, central air-conditioning, and big screen televisions are standard and included in the rent.

You will find a good selection of condominium choices all over the country. For about a hundred dollars a night you can get a luxurious one bedroom with a fully furnished kitchen overlooking the pool. These buildings are generally convenient to malls, fine dining, and the local airport. As with all rentals, the price will vary depending upon the time of year you visit.

For a little more per night you will should be able to spend your vacation on the beach in a two bedroom single family home fully furnished with a patio and parking. Once again, you will have central air-conditioning and everything you need to stay connected wire free. These types of accommodations usually run anywhere from three hundred to six hundred dollars per day.

For the people who live and work here all year long, but do not own property, there is a lot of real estate available with long term leases. If you are living in the country on an extended company assignment, but are not a permanent resident, you might be interested in renting a fully furnished three bedroom house. Items like lawn maintenance are usually included in the monthly rate.

If you need something close to international schools because you are a family with school age children and you have your own furniture, there are four and five bedroom houses for about two thousand a month. You should also be close to restaurants and shopping.

It is good to know, whether you are vacationing in Costa Rica, based there for a long term assignment, or living in the region permanently, that there are many housing options available. All you have to decide is which amazing view from your window you prefer.

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