Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Criteria For Classification Of Manuel Antonio Hotels

By Dennis Murphy

The hospitality industry is filled with a variety of products. These range from food service, entertainment, rest and luxury among others. There are different types of hospitality facilities. These range from simple lodges, bed and breakfast motels, holiday homes and hotels. Hotel facilities have different categories. The classes of Manuel Antonio hotels are determined by a range of characteristics. This article highlights some of the criteria used to classify hospitality facilities.

Experts look into the architectural construct of the building housing the facility. They consider the structure and how must of design aspects have been inculcated in the construction. Some architectural buildings act as attractions in themselves. The design must depict structural prowess and artistic aspects. More importantly the structure must be functional and have some curb appeal. Depending on the location of the facility, some hotels are housed in themed buildings, making them more attractive.

The variety of services availed in the facility is also a significant factor. This range includes food preparation, housekeeping services, the presence of room service. Also, personalized food service has additional points to classification. Clients can also find recreational services in the hotels. These include swimming and massage.

The range of activities which patrons can enjoy while at the facility is important. A hotel in the game reserve with high-end products would attain better classification than a city hotel with basic services. The additional activities for guests include sporting activities such as swimming, a gym or fitness parlor. Also game drives, spas and massage parlors and salons can attract better classification.

The food served at the facility is also a major contributor to classification. The menu must have food items from the local area as well as some select items of international or national significance. For world class classification, a facility must be able to produce international dishes for its clients. The facility must sell the local area as a destination, in addition to selling itself.

The capacity of the building is also taken into consideration. Some facilities have multiple restaurants within the same management. They also have different categories of room types. The differentiation is to be able to allow high-end clients to achieve their desired level of attention, privacy and customized services.

Another critical point to consider is the service delivery process. A good facility must be able to deliver its services as expected by clients. The idea is to create a positive client experience. Slow service is a downer for classification. In addition the method and equipment used to deliver the service are significant. Train staff members to deliver services swiftly and with perfection.

Entrepreneurs must consider having their hotel facility classified. That helps with client attraction. One can focus better on their target clientele. More importantly it provides a guide for areas of improvement. The areas to consider are the architecture and finishing of the facility, the variety of services and activities available. Also, service delivery charter must be met to the letter. Consider also easing customer check in process and general hospitality experience through their stay at your facility.

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