Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Information About The Legoland Hotel Florida Tourists Choose

By Karen Miller

Sometimes parents want to do something really special for their children. They may have had a difficult year, overcome an illness, or just been particularly understanding and mature. Whatever the reason, taking a child's dream vacation and staying in the Legoland hotel Florida visitors recommend can be just the right thing to do. Legos have been around for many years, but they have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. Many parents encourage their children to play with these toys instead of spending hour after hour on their computers or other electronic devices.

When you stay at the hotel, you will have the choice of several themed rooms. Which room you decide to book is probably going to depend on what your children want. Adventure rooms are available for little explorers. Most have exotic Egyptian motifs with pharaohs and hieroglyphics to decipher. The comforters, pillowcases, and sheets all reflect the theme.

The pirate themed rooms are also very popular. The beds are built to resemble sailing ships with billowing sails above and treasure maps stenciled on the floor. The lighting fixtures are lanterns, and skulls and crossbones appear throughout the suite. Your youngster will have a great time pretending to be one of the captains of the ship fighting the evil pirates and capturing the treasure. Everything is meticulously done to create the proper atmosphere.

For children who love stories of knights and princesses and medieval castles, the kingdom themed rooms should be your choice. In these rooms you will find walls cleverly decorated to look like stone with ivy winding throughout. There are knights in armor riding their costumed steeds and beautifully gowned princesses.

The hotel has recently added Lego friends themed rooms, and your children might love to stay in one of these rooms with all the characters they know and love. There are bunk beds and trundle beds available as well as full size beds for the adults in the party. As with the other themed rooms, everything is carefully done to create a great experience for your youngsters.

There is so much to see and do at this resort, you will need to plan your vacation carefully and fully understand the attractions available and the restrictions imposed by the facility. For instance, there are height requirements for some of the rides. Children are not normally allowed to roam the park by themselves. An adult must accompany them. The resort is a smoke free environment. It is sometimes closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so will you have to take that into consideration.

If you can make return trips, there are annual passes available. There is what they call Bonus Brick time you can take advantage if you are a hotel guest or have an annual pass. This will get you into the park early and allow you to enjoy certain rides and attractions before it gets crowded.

In today's world, where children sometimes seem physically attached to electronic devices, it is refreshing to travel somewhere that encourages imagination and creativity. Legoland is a great place for everyone to take a break from technology.

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