Saturday, November 12, 2016

Steps On How To Do A Chimney Cleaning

By Christine Scott

A chimney is a type of a structure which will provide ventilation from smoke or flue gases which are coming from fireplaces, furnaces, stoves, or boilers into an atmosphere outside the house. Typically, these structures are vertical in position in order to ensure that the gases will be flowing upwards in a smooth manner. The flue is a space located inside the chimneys. A chimney is often used in most ships, buildings, and steam locomotives.

There are times when burning fires are not avoided from a chimney and these usually cause a fire because of those some substances that are sticky and flammable like creosote and soot. Doing the chimney cleaning Windsor Locks CT is done not only by hiring some professionals but may be done also through doing it by yourself. This article will be giving you the steps in doing it in a simple way.

These steps involve four different methods. First is to prepare for cleaning. But before starting the process, determine first whether the chimney would really need this process for cleaning. The most typical time for the chimneys to be cleaned is once a year. Frequent use of it often gets it dirty, so to clean it regularly is needed. Due to being dormant may be for a while, some animals may have been nesting in it so better check it.

Next is to measure the flue. When you do the method for cleaning, be sure to use the appropriate tools and be sure that these tools have sizes that would fit in the flue. Measuring all the sides from the fireplace or the bottom part is important, then after, by the use of a ladder, climb up to measure the top. All necessary supplies can be purchased from a nearby hardware store.

Dressing appropriately is also needed to avoid your new clothes in getting the dirt out from the soot. Old clothes are recommended to be worn. In order to cover your hair, you may use a bandanna, to protect your hands, use gloves, and to protect your eyes, use goggles. Your floor should be covered also with either a plastic tarp or a drop cloth to avoid dirt.

The second method is starting to clean it from the top to the bottom. Set up first the ladder before climbing towards the roof. If you have ascertained that your roof is safe, you may set your ladder into the house. Assemble both the pipe section and the brush and use it when scrubbing the flue. Pipe can be added with one or more sections for extending the brush. Small wire brushes can be used to clean the bottom part of chimney.

Third is cleaning from bottom to the top. The same steps will apply when using pipe sections and a brush for flue scrubbing. Then after those steps, clean from bottom then to the top by the use of a pulley system together with brush. Place the pulley on top of the roof.

During this step, you need someone in helping you hold the rope and dropping it, from which the brush is being attached to the center. Then together, work by utilizing the ropes by pulling the rope up and down. By this, the brush will be scrubbing a chimneys flue.

Lastly is removing dirt from flue entrance using the shovel and the spade. Reattach then the damper handle that was removed in the first method. A drop cloth or a plastic tarp may obtain debris, us a dustpan and a broom to clean it.

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