Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Suggestion For Paris Cultural Walks On Your Next Trip

By Barbara Anderson

On your next trip to Paris, we should not only look at it as a mere place to visit and look at, but also at a place from which we can learn from. As it is one of the cultural capitals of the Western World, we may as well learn something about French culture as well so we can take something home more than a souvenir. In order to do this, engaging in Paris cultural walks may be something on order.

Nothing beats walking the city of Paris, and nothing more economical. Of course granted that you can walk and have no ambulatory handicap. Walking through the city will let you access areas that can be only seen or visited by foot rather than car. When taking a cultural walk in any city you must find a point of reference and work your ways outwards.

The best point of reference in Paris is the river Seine, as this is the most prominent it seems for a lot of visitors, and many will ask if you have been to the river once you do return. Many of the remarkable historical and cultural places of the city are situated in areas very near the Seine also.

Put into mind that a walking cultural tour will cost you the better part of most of the day so do plan accordingly or leave early to start it. This article will show you a possible itinerary that you can do instead of you signing up for those paid walking tours that let you walk by sites only but not really entering them.

A good place to start your walk will be the Eiffel Tower, an iconic and eternal symbol of this fine city. Once you have been up and down the tower start a 2km walk to the Grand Palais via Quai Branly. You will cross the Seine at Pont De l'Alma, or the Alma Bridge, which is an 1854 commemoration of the Crimean War. A little further on you will pass the dock for the open deck river boat tours at Batoux Mouches.

Once you reach the Grand Palais, which is a museum and exhibition hall complex then do take the time to take in what they have to offer as they offer different exhibits every month that showcase French culture and also varied cultures from around the world. This place is open from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm.

After Grand Palais take a walk to the Louvre will be about a 2.2 km where you will pass Place de la Concorde, which is the a major city square that encompasses 21.3 hectares in area. Also you will pass Musee de L'Orangerie which is an art museum that specializes in impressionist and post impressionist works. This museum was built in 1852.

When you reach the Louvre, prepare for a totally different and unique cultural walk itself as you go around the world's largest museum, which according to may will take you a full 75 days to completely tour. Thus it is best that you plan a museum walkthrough online so as to make the most of your limited time once you do arrive.

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