Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ways To Find An American Friend In Paris Easily

By Martha Moore

It is reassuring to find a person you share a language, culture, interests, etc in a foreign city. This gives you a feeling of home and an assurance that you will not be lonely. This is what happens when you find an American friend in Paris. Many people hope and expect this when they land at the airport, but it is never that easy and straightforward. What can you do to increase your chances of meeting new friends here?

Joining an English ministering church does not make you a convert. Today, churches offer more including singing sessions, dancing, charity works, discussions with professional groups, etc. There are churches conducting their affairs in English. These are the best places to start. This is not an invitation to join their religious rituals.

Major political parties have branches in countries and cities around the world. France has one of the most active gatherings of democrats and republicans. These forums discuss emerging issues in America on regular basis. Joining such a group also gives you an opportunity to participate in US politics despite being abroad. You will learn how to vote abroad, campaign, vote early, mobilize people, etc. During election nights, they organize parties where live streaming of results takes place.

Look for English activities in Paris. There are forums that advertise activities for English speakers in different cities. These activities include dog walking, hiking, professional gathering, therapy, etc. These events are frequent and distributed in cities around France. Most of them are held over weekends when you are free. You spend time with people who share a language and thus have a good time sharing experiences.

Have you ever considered personal development and fitness activities like dancing or yoga? This could be the time to consider that. You may also opt to join the French language classes in your neighborhood. You are guaranteed that the people learning French must be from other countries. Such personal development forums introduce you to great people who will enrich your social life. After all, these people share the same interests as you do like dancing, language, yoga, etc.

Join your university alumni group in the French capital. This is common for globally recognized universities that have alumni offices in major world cities. They post events on their websites to attract attention from former students. By attending their activities, you stand a chance to interact with former classmates, juniors and seniors in your department. As you catch up, you will learn the restaurant that serves excellent foods, nice places to visit, etc.

Go to social media. There are forums for Americans in different cities. Connect with them and follow the activities coming up near you. You may also consider visiting the American embassy in Paris. It gives you interesting events organized by the state and other actors for residents of the city. Their reports are comprehensive since the embassy supports the groups and organizations planning such activities.

An American friend offers the best company when discussing politics, global events, Super Bowl, etc. Finding one in France gives you a feeling of being home again. Despite there being numerous chances online through social media, face-to-face meetings offer a better socialization experience. Friends give you the best memories when it is time to leave France.

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