Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Browse Disney Cruise Vacation Packages

By Betty Rogers

Almost all of us know that the Disney people have cruise ships. Still, there is more to the story. Fortunately, there are dedicated, knowledgeable customer service agents who you can reach with a toll-free call, and they know all the options and details that can craft the perfect trip for you and anyone you want to take along. Go online to find an overview of Disney cruise vacation packages that can take you on a tour worthy of the Magic Kingdom.

Four huge ships, modeled on the luxury liners of yesteryear, visit ports of call around the Caribbean, throughout Northern Europe, along the shores of the Mediterranean, and up both coasts of the United States. They even offers river cruises for those who prefer inland waters. There is truly something that will interest everyone, whether it's parents of toddlers or seniors intent on seeing the world. Comfort is paramount in these excursions, and the on-board entertainment is Magic-Kingdom special.

A 'package' will help with the necessary coordination, from airplane tickets to hotel reservations. There are special discounts for tour guests, and coupons available to reduce the already lowered costs. You can use the interactive websites to see if your particular dates are available, to choose a high-rise hotel or a charming B&B, and to see how and where you can go from your preferred departure point.

You could choose by climate: for sun, go south, for icy vistas go north. You could decide to see a place you've heard of but never seen, like Skagway, Alaska or Dover, England. You could visit France or sunny Spain, stroll the white sands of St. Thomas and snorkle over the coral reefs around St. Lucia, or shop in Copenhagen or at Disney's own island, Castaway Cay.

If you only have a short time, how about the two-night getaway to Ensenada, Mexico? It starts at San Diego, which is also the departure point for heading north along the Pacific coastline. The northern route takes four or five nights, while you can cross the Atlantic in eleven or so days. Instead of tedious hours in an airport and then a crowded jet, you could be relaxing in Art Deco or Art Nouveau splendor, with every amenity that talented hospitality specialists can think up.

Do things that you will always remember, like see the Alaskan frontier or sail through the Panama Canal. Shop in Copenhagen, Barcelona, Paris, or Rome. Soak in the peace of white sand beaches or walk streets which have seen centuries of history. Let one of these spectacular tours open the world to you.

There are even theme cruises. If you love Marvel comics or Star Wars, check out these fun-for-all-ages adventures. Celebrate Halloween or the winter holidays as never before on the high seas. You have little kids? The 14-deck ships have splashing pools with everything that will enchant your small sailors. Meanwhile, adults can revel in the spas, the restaurants, the nightclubs, and the shops. These floating cities have it all, as well as scheduled activities to help you fill every vacation hour.

The company's claim that 'getting there is half the fun' is more of a promise than a boast. Just searching the websites of these magical tours is exciting. Talented staff, professional crews, and over-the-top amenities deliver the trip of a lifetime. So imagine yourself walking up the gangway and leaving the mundane world behind.

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