Sunday, May 28, 2017

Plan A Trip To Wales With Ease

By Sharon Gibson

It is a strategic advantage to have Wales on the Western side of England. This provides an opportunity to enjoy a piece of England along the way. If you plan a trip to Wales, you have a chance to enjoy a coast line that stretches 750 miles, with 641 exciting castles to visit besides three national parks. Language lovers have a chance to enjoy the 2 languages spoken by the Welsh people.

Transport network is adequately connected to all destinations all over the world. From London, it will only take you three hours by road. This gives you a chance to visit the most amazing places where you can capture excellent photos of your vacation. By renting a car, you travel at your own speed and stop at any location depending on personal preferences.

There are numerous options when you want to fly in. You may opt to fly into Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham or even Ireland directly from any location around the world. There is a ferry that will take you to the northern city of Holyhead at high speed from Dublin, a journey of only 90 minutes. Bus service companies also provide affordable and comfortable transport to almost any destination from international airports in Britain.

The best way to enjoy your vacation is to move with ease. Do you love driving yourself and would relish the adrenaline of driving on the opposite side? Rent a car and enjoy the exciting road trip through world renowned countryside. The other option is to use the train which serves almost all destinations in the country. The combination of air travel, road, rail and water will make your travel more exciting. Leave the planning to an experienced agent to make it perfect.

Wales has excellent accommodation options for all budgets and preferences. They include world class hotels, holiday homes, cottages and camping areas, among others. A simple search online will reveal the most affordable range of accommodation options. You may carry your pet along if you wish, as long as necessary veterinary approvals are obtained.

Are you worried about what you will eat while on vacation? This should be none of your worry. In fact, the variety and taste of Welsh foods are amazing. There are restaurants on every stop you make. You also find cottages where you can either order the food or prepare the food yourself. Welsh cawl, glamorgan sausage, cakes and rarebit, among others are in plenty supply. There are also tasty wines and other drinks to drain your sumptuous meals.

A UK visa is enough to travel to take you to any destination in Wales. The UK government processes all applications for the entire kingdom with numerous centers around the world to make your application. These centers also allow you to apply for citizenship or prolonged stay. However, a US passport is enough if your stay is not meant to last more than six months.

To enjoy your visit to the exciting Welsh destinations, you should be meticulous about your planning. Allow an experienced travel agent to handle your documents and logistics. There are numerous places to enjoy and affordable facilities like transport and accommodation, some of which are not known to ordinary travelers. The agent also has your back in case you are stranded.

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