Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tourists Will Need A Map Of Donegal To Make Sure They Don't Miss A Thing

By James Green

Most people who have a chance to visit Ireland love it and want to go back. There is never enough time to tour all the castles and visit the villages and urban areas that are steeped in history. Book stores, tobacconist shops, and corner pubs seem to be everywhere. For those who have never traveled into the border region of Ireland, a map of Donegal may be needed to organize and maximize the sightseeing visitors plan on.

Mount Errigal is arguably the most famous mountain in Ireland. It is certainly one of its most photographed and climbed. Those who have spent time in its vicinity swear it looks completely different depending on the angle and direction they are viewing it. Seasoned climbers warn hikers new to this area that wind gusts sometimes make it hard to hang on to the rock formations as they wind their way up to the summit.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in this area is Glenveigh National Park, lake, castle, and gardens. It is convenient to Mount Errigal, and there are plenty of hiking trails to enjoy. The whole area is a designated a special conservation and protection area. The castle gardens are considered a horticultural masterpiece full of plants and shrubs unique to Ireland. Visitors can tour the castle and take refreshments in the cozy tearoom or more formal restaurant.

The sea cliffs of Slieve League are some of the highest in Europe, and they offer panoramic Atlantic views for those who climb to the top. Along the way visitors pass ancient stones indicating pilgrimages taken before Christianity took hold in the country. There are also fascinating ruins of an early Christian monastery that once housed religious clerics.

Portsalon is a must for golfers who will probably already be familiar with the famous eighteen hole course. Those less interested in golfing may prefer to spend some time on the beautiful beaches, enjoying the local shops, galleries, and tearooms or hiking along one of the many trails in the area.

It is certainly possible to take a golfing tour of this part of Ireland. If that is something that interests you, you will want to book accommodations in the vicinity of Narin and Portnoo Golf Club. This eighteen hole course has magnificent bay views and is considered one of the most scenic courses in the country.

Tory Island is remote and magical and home to the last king of Scotland. It is located off the northern coast of the country and can be reached by ferry, which will not run when the sea is too rough. Visitors can hike the trails and look down from the cliff's edge before stopping at the famous wishing stone.

Ireland is a special place, and this part of the country has much to see and do. Visitors don't forget their time here. Most make plans to return again and again.

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