Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Cultural Tours And What They Provide Guests

By Pamela Kelly

The people of a nation nicknamed the Land of the Thunder Dragon have taken a new view of nationhood today. It is not about pride of place or being stronger and richer than its neighbors, nor being culturally important. It is about a concept that has been newly enshrined in their constitution in 2008.

It is a concept where the law is made for helping folks pursue happiness as a quantified national output instead of GDP. Cultural tours in Bhutan are enhanced through it, while the national tradition has provided this, too, something visitors here go for. The country has a unique location, culture and history founded on high Buddhist principles.

This country has the Himalayan mountains surrounding it. And it has lots of forests, with cold weather, things that are conducive for people who want to meditate in the middle of breathtaking natural scenes. It is a nation developing but puts the happiness principle first, the ambience created thus being an amazing one for visitors.

This country is a very enlightened one, according to Buddhist tradition. Because the religion has been the only that has been in existence here for many centuries, and since the nation was once the most remote, it has developed a unique ideology here. The concept of GNH is part of this, and people here have always been happy.

This nation does not participate in geopolitics or wars, and while there is a dispute with China over borders, it is not something people here are worried about. They will continue being happy, and not worry about things like geopolitics and strategy. The Indians are neighbors, and shares the longest border.

Most people here are farmers, and some are semi nomadic, shepherds or wood gatherers. But then, these people roam the inside of their borders and know everyone else, naturally. The entire nation is like one big happy family across the entire country, and the sense of fraternity here is very common, and squarely belongs to their unique notions of being happy.

These tours are either offered by governments, organizations, or even travel companies. The tours can be specific to education, but they all benefit from it not being no longer too remote, with facilities for air transport. Yetis roam here, perhaps, but those who need them will also have good access to supplies and comfort.

The trek here is one that can be very invigorating, and very scenic, and while there are lots of difficult passes, the government has helped to delineate those that can be taken by newbies. Most of the state is protected by law and therefore have good conservation rules. Even as wood is still an important fuel, the use of this is done very efficiently, with little environmental degradation.

The tradition here has been one where tradition principally rules, no matter the changes of forms of government that had been done. Many monarchs have reigned here, and nowadays the country is run by constitutional monarchy. Rare were the times of internal problems that have gone on, because people here like to preserve the peace and be happy.

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