Monday, June 5, 2017

Reasons To Travel To Jordan This Year

By Joyce Rogers

The Middle East is a beautiful place. It is the birthplace of civilizations. The famous Garden of Eden was in Babylon which is part of present day Iraq. This region has two of the most powerful empires that have ever been in the world: The Babylonian and The Persian empires. There are many reasons to travel to Jordan. This country has a fair share of the wonders of Asia. That is why it usually receives many tourists each year. There are many things that one can do in Jordanian cities including enjoying nature.

Jordanian cities are filled with awe and wonder. One will always be left in amazement of the raw beauty of this great country. Even with great determination, one cannot explore every Jordanian wonder in one trip. There will always be need for a return trip. The more than one gets to interact with this nation, the more that he falls in love with it.

Petra is a top Jordanian attraction. Every year, people travel from all over the world to see the ancient ruins of Petra. This was an ancient rock hewn city that was the capital of the Nabataea Kingdom. The splendor of this city is still alive all though it was constructed in 300 BC. It is a great sight to behold.

The Dead Sea is a world wonder right at the border between Israel and Jordan. This wonder can be enjoyed from the Israeli side and also from the Jordanian side. It is viewable from space. There is no point on planet earth that is lower than the Dead Sea. It is far much below the sea level.

Some Jordanian attractions are places of religious interest. For example, the banks of River Jordan is where Jesus Christ was baptized and where John the Baptist, preached his message of repentance. Mount Nebo is an elevated ridge found in Jordan. It is more than 800 meters above sea level and it is where Moses was granted a view of The Promised Land.

If there is an oasis of peace in the Middle East then it has to be this state. It has been political stable for decades when it neighbors like Syria and Iraq are falling into conflict and war. The country is headed by a King but there is also the position of Prime Minister and various parliamentary positions, filled through democratic elections.

Jordanians are good people. They are very friendly. Upon landing from a foreign country, one will get a warm welcome. There will be many people who will gladly show an individual around the country. The warm and inviting nature of Jordanians is the subject of many books. When one makes a Jordanian friend, he has made a friend for life.

Visiting Jordan is something that an individual will not regret. This is one of those places that one should visit before he dies. There are many great places around the world. However, very few of them beat the splendor of Jordanian attractions. Some of the Jordanian tourist attractions are considered as UNESCO World Heritage sites. One can easily travel to Amman.

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