Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Goodness Of Holy Land Vacations

By Ryan Miller

Few things in this world beat a Christian centered holiday. According to many people, Holy Land vacations facilitate an out of this world experience. Such an experience will last with a person forever. Even when the holiday is over, one will remember the great times that he had in the Middle East and will definitely want to have a repeat visit. Seeing the great beauty, charm, and uniqueness of cities like Jerusalem, Nazareth, and Bethlehem, unfolding before the eyes is something that every true Christian will appreciate. These cities are at the center of Christian faith.

There are many types of holidays. The Caribbean holiday involves visiting the Caribbean Islands and doing thinks like snorkeling, scuba diving and deep sea fishing. A safari holiday will take one to Africa where one will see the big five including Lion, Rhino and Elephant. A Holy Land Holiday is a totally different kind of holiday. It is unique in all respects.

By the time the whole affair is over, one will be a changed human being. The old will be gone away. Someone will have a different worldview. A person will no longer be a shallow thinker. Seeing the richness of Middle East and getting to the heartbeat of Christianity, Jerusalem City, is life changing in every sense of the word.

One might have visited the Eastern most part of the world and even seen the Great Wall of China. Some people usually say that one has not yet travelled until he visits Mount Everest and see it just as the sun is rising. However, the epitome of travel is visiting the exact centre of the planet that is Jerusalem city.

Jerusalem has been revered for thousands of years. Every great empire that has ever ruled the world from Babylon to the Roman Empire made Jerusalem the center of attention. Jerusalem is the spiritual center of planet earth. There is a great church in this city that was founded by Emperor Constantine who was the first Roman Emperor to convert to Christianity.

The Wailing Wall is also worth visiting. It is in Western Jerusalem and it is the holiest site of Judaism. Every day, many Jews and Christians visit this wall to pray as well as admire its beauty. Also in Jerusalem, is the Al-Aqsa mosque that is in East Jerusalem, was founded in 705AD, and can hold more than 4,000 people.

The Holy Land is filled with a wide array of amazing attractions. There is awe and wonder at every corner. Every where the trip will take an individual, there will be a place or places worth checking out for some minutes or even hours. The tour will definitely involve visiting one of the most amazing water bodies of planet earth, The Dead Sea.

Vacationing should be part of the life of every individual. Some people vacation once in a year, while others once in two or three years. Going to holiday makes a person to escape the hassles and bustles of life and relax. Holidaying also offers a great opportunity to connect with family members. A faith centered holiday will also have spiritual benefits.

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