Saturday, August 12, 2017

Tips For Negotiating With Marine Repair Shops

By Elizabeth Robinson

Some people own boats and properly maintaining them is important to keep them well functioned and last longer when used. This would help their parts be prevented from sustaining damages that might require repairs or replacements. Doing this will avoid your money in being spent on unexpected and unplanned things.

But no matter how much careful you take care of your boat, there will come a time that some parts were damaged or does not function properly anymore. Visit the marine repair southern California for help with this kind of problems. Although repairing them yourself is possible if you have the skills and knowledge in doing these tasks but professionals are better at this.

If your budget is tight, immediately tell the shop on what your status is, so a best course of action can be recommended by them. They would suggest instead to do the project in stages and have the ones that are important prioritized. Ask them how much also is the repair cost of similar ones they worked on previously.

Before they will start working on the project, have them write an estimate but remember that this would only be an approximation. There is a chance for the cost to increase due to unexpected issues popping up along the way. You can tel them that your permission should be asked first before then proceed on repairing some new issues which the budget does not cover.

Ask evidences such as them giving you the damaged parts back or taking a picture of those that only needed a little work on them. This will prevent them from doing repairs on those which do not need it or charge you with something they did not do. Reputable companies prohibit this practice on their mechanics but just make sure with this.

If the estimates given to you do not seem to look right then ask second opinions from marine surveyors and other shops. Doing so will make you have more options and determine which offers a better deal but those with extreme differences on prices are worrisome. Ask their reasons in having different fees compared with others.

Once an estimate has been chosen and approved, let them draw a work order up containing the basic details regarding the project. This includes the cost estimates, starting date, assigned mechanic, instructions and forms. Make sure they include the estimated date on when it will be completed and a separate copy for the assigned mechanic.

Determine the payment plan specially when the project is a large one which requires you to pay them before they continue with the following stage. Make sure that particular stage is done already before paying them by verifying them yourself with a visit. If you would be unable to do periodic checks for it then you can hire a marine surveyor instead for this.

Remember when asking the shop about your requests that they could not give you everything you asked. Although when they have no interest from the start with helping you then leave and find another one. Customer service is important for reputable companies.

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