Sunday, September 10, 2017

Holy Land Vacations: Important Sites To Include In Your Travel Diary

By Robert Green

The nation of Israel, often referred to as the Holy Land, is steeped in history that dates back ages. Its history, during and after biblical times, is well known. It is renowned for its significance to religious pilgrims from all over the world. With the festive month of December fast approaching, you should think about treating your family with holy land vacations.

Getting to the country should not be a problem. The Israeli government operates a good visa program for tourists from diverse nations. In addition, there are several tour companies that organize visits for people from all over the globe. All you should do is find the right agency to aid in your travel arrangements.

Finding an agency is pretty straightforward. This is because many firms have dynamic websites that facilitate the booking process these days. You can conclude the process in a matter of minutes by just browsing through the various packages available and choosing one that meets your budget requirements. Most agencies accept credit card payments.

Israel is never short of places to explore. Your package is what ultimately determines the sites you visit. Most firms fly their clients straight to Tel Aviv, the capital, on the first day. When you land, the first order of business should be to find a hotel room to relax in. Later on, your organizers should schedule a meeting to discuss the schedule for the days to follow.

The upcoming days should see your entire entourage taken on a tour of ancient biblical sights. These include Jaffa, Caesarea, Megiddo, Muhraqa, Haifa, Nazareth, Bethlehem and the Sea of Galilee. These sites usually hold great significance to subscribers of Abrahamic faiths.

At the height of its fame, Jaffa was a thriving port town. It is legendary due to the fact that Jonah, the biblical figure devoured by a whale, set sail there before his tribulations. Caesarea should follow soon after this.

A port at one point in time, it is a crucial archeological zone today. Its construction took place under King Herod in the first century before the birth of Christ. For 600 years, it served as the capital of Palestine. There are remains of the grandiose buildings built by Herod.

Megiddo should be next on your list. Once a fortified town, it holds immense significance to millions of pilgrims. The New Testament in the bible talks of the battle of Armageddon. This is the setting for the described final battle between good and evil. Muhraqa is a site where a biblical confrontation between the prophet Elijah and the prophets of Baal took place. Haifa, located close by, is an ancient city that is older than Nazareth.

Another important site is Nazareth, the location of the annunciation of the birth of Jesus. Other important places that should be in your package include Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Jericho. These places chronicle the events of ancient Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

A good package should help you enjoy your experience. Just ensure your finance get sorted out early. Your cash ought to be enough to meet your needs.

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