Thursday, October 19, 2017

Custom Tours London Tourists Love To Recommend

By Mary Wilson

If you have never had the opportunity to visit England, you have missed one of the most beautiful, interesting, and historic countries in the world. Everywhere you look there are castles and keeps dating back hundreds of years. The landscape is lush, and most of its cities are kept in pristine condition. If you are planning to visit the United Kingdom for the first time, you should consider the custom tours London visitors always rave about.

If you are a first time visitor, you can get a great general sense of the city by taking one of several popular excursions touring companies offer. You will be first in line in the morning to take a walk through Christopher Wren's masterpiece, St. Paul's Cathedral. From there you will travel to Westminster Abbey for a photo opportunity. Next comes the Queen's home, Buckingham Palace and the Changing of the Guards.

In the afternoon, you will be treated to a tour of the Tower of London to see where Anne Boleyn lost her head and where the Princes were imprisoned. You will have a chance to view the Crown Jewels and visit the White Tower. A trip down the Thames is next on your agenda with this tour. You will end this busy day with a flight on the London eye. This is the highest observation wheel in the world and offers breathtaking views over the entire city.

Those who have already experienced the general tours might like something special and a bit macabre. England is not a stranger to mystery and notoriety. If you are adventurous you can take the open bus through the city's most haunted streets to Tower Hill. At one time enthusiastic citizens cheered the regular executions that took place here.

Next you'll take a walk through the notorious Smithfield Market and see where Braveheart was tortured. As the day winds down, it will be time to walk the alley ways where Jack the Ripper performed his macabre murders. Once you have completed that tour, you will be ready to relax at the Sherlock Holmes pub and discuss with the other tour members who Jack really was.

For children of all ages, the Warner Brother Studio Tour of its making of Harry Potter is a must see. For your added enjoyment, the attraction has recently been expanded and updated. Visitors get to see props, costumes, and behind the scenes looks of this great movie series. The hidden secrets of the special effects and animatronics will be revealed to you.

During your time here you'll visit the Great Hall, see Dumbledore's private office, and walk down Diagon Alley to visit the shops where Harry and his friends picked out their favorite wands and brooms. The train station and Platform 9 3/4 has been expanded and the Forbidden Forest is now open for visitors to step into.

No matter what your tastes and interests, you'll find a tour to enjoy. In this magical city, the possibilities are endless. England's capital is like no other place on the planet.

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