Monday, October 23, 2017

For The Best Group Activities St Louis Is The Place To Go

By Angela Patterson

The state of Missouri is and always has been an extremely popular tourist destination for both local and foreign tourists. It has a lot to offer and the great Mississippi river and its surrounds abound with numerous magnificent areas of natural beauty. It is not only for its natural beauty that visitors flock to this state. There is something to satisfy even the most discerning taste. For example, when looking for group activities St Louis visitors are truly spoilt for choice.

Groups enjoy visiting this city because it offers such a wide variety of things to do. There is an activity to match almost any need and that is why companies go there for team building exercises, schools go their on educational tours and social groups go there for the large variety of things to do. It is even possible to hire the services of a professional activity professional. They put together organized programs for groups.

The city enjoys great weather for most of the year and it is not surprising that outdoors adventures are extremely popular. Companies such as Go Ape offers spectacular zip line rides in very beautiful natural surroundings. There are many hiking trails, facilities for horse riding and other adventure activities. Grants Farm, a former presidential estate, now offers visitors a wide variety of wildlife in their natural surroundings.

Groups should definitely not miss a visit to the City Museum. This awe inspiring 600 000 square feet exhibit area was created by engineers and artists and everything on display are made from recycled materials and other artefacts from the city. There is so much to see and do in this museum that it would be best to schedule an entire day. Visitors interact with the exhibits and can crawl through magical caves, explore chimney stacks and slide ten storeys down a special chute.

Younger people particularly enjoy The Magic House. This educational facility is all but boring. It boasts a unique Bubble Room and a pin point wall that allows visitors to create 3D images of themselves. The Lewis and Clark Adventure has been designed to educate visitors of all ages in a fun way. There is even a real giant beanstalk to climb, just like Jack did.

No visit to this city without a boat trip on the grand Mississippi will be complete. Companies such as Gateway Arch Riverboats will spoil their guests with a lazy and leisurely ride down the river while a knowledgeable guide will inform them about the history of the surrounds. Most visitors are in awe of the giant Gateway Arch, the biggest and highest man made tribute in the country.

Sports lovers will not be disappointed. The city boast numerous world class sporting facilities. There are excellent golf courses, many scenic running and biking paths and every imaginable water sport is available. Paragliding is popular and visitors can even take flying lessons. Most sports clubs welcome visitors at a nominal fee and many even rent equipment.

Good weather, world class facilities, an very wide range of activities and a friendly welcome certainly make this city a very popular tourist destination. Visitors should avoid disappointments by making their bookings in advance. In most cases this can be done on line.

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