Wednesday, November 8, 2017

London Private Tours: Places To Check Out And How To Prepare For Your Trip

By Raymond Kelly

For many vacationers, picking out the best spots to sightsee often proves challenging. With many options available when on the ground, many end up spoilt for choice. This notwithstanding, you are assured of not missing out on the most interesting spots if you settle for London private tours.

Going on an exclusive trip is arguably the most effective way to explore most of the city. With several magnificent markets, parks and cathedrals within its vicinity, finding the right way without getting lost may be difficult if you do not get assistance. As a vacationer, you need a guide who is knowledgeable about the area.

Unlike group tours, privately guided expeditions are usually exclusively paid for by individuals or families. The main advantage you get from this is that you get to have a dedicated team to answer any questions you have. Another advantage is that you and your loved ones get the privacy you need to explore without disturbance.

There are lots of interesting places you should check out during your time around. Guides usually recommend a minimum of seven hours for a memorable experience. The first place you ought to check ought is the National Gallery situated within the city. It is a blissful sight with historical works from renowned painters such as Da Vinci, Van Gogh and Michelangelo.

If ancient history is your cup of coffee, you should head over to the British Museum next. There are no charges for visitors and the museum is a highly visited attraction in the capital. Artifacts collected from different parts of the world are mounted on its display shelves. Some eye catching artifacts on display include burial treasure used by the Anglo Saxons, Samurai armor and Egyptian mummies.

The Houses of Parliament, a key attraction, also house the most famous clock in the world, the Big Ben. It is a grand building built using Gothic architecture. Officially christened the Queen Elizabeth Tower, its construction dates back to the mid nineteenth century. In its entirety, the building hosts the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the two pinnacles of British democracy.

The most renowned park in the city is Greenwich Park. At its topmost point, one can enjoy fantastic views of the city skyline. You also stand to enjoy an unhindered view of the River Thames. The location is recommended for picnics during summer.

Most of the residents and visitors go to Borough Market whenever they need fresh food. The market turned 1000 years old in the year 2014. It always teems with buyers and sellers from Monday to Saturday. Whether you want breakfast or an afternoon meal, the market should sort your need.

If you are planning for a one on one guided tour, make sure you do so early. This is because most guides get fully booked during peak travel seasons. Booking is pretty easy as it can be done online these days. Also remember your payment will largely depend on the hours you spend touring.

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