Saturday, December 2, 2017

Pros And Cons Of A Travel Club Subscription

By Carol Campbell

When it comes to short and long distance trips and vacations, gas, hotel stays and food can often be expensive. While a Travel Club Subscription can provide a number of discounts, individuals often have to pay annual or lifetime fees or dues associated with membership. As such, individuals may want to assure that the dues will be covered by the discounts over the course of the year when paying annually.

While well known clubs have a lot to offer, there are also other ways to save money when away from home. For example, when looking for information on a time or vacation share, attending and participating in a one to two hour lecture and touring a location can often lead to a 3 to 4 night hotel stay in many areas.

There are generally two types of clubs, one which focuses on local discounts while providing discounts on various forms of travel. For example, AAA offers discounts at a number of local eateries, theaters and theme parks. While, the organization also offers protection for drivers along with discounts while on vacation in other areas such as at Disneyland, Disney World and other theme parks and attractions. As a result, AAA is not only often considered one of the least expensive of the travel clubs but also one of the most popular.

One of the most popular clubs, especially among college students is that of Dream Vacations. For, the club offers great discounts on domestic and international trips and tours. As such, exchange students and others often find the discounts very beneficial during Spring and Summer breaks. While this is the case, the club has also become attractive to luxury and world wide travelers whom can afford the fees and travel associated with membership.

Whether looking for a domestic or international club, most are based on the subscription business model. For, all generally require annual fees or dues before one can purchase discounted tickets, trips or tours. Based on the original business model of magazine and newspaper subscription plans, there are now subscriptions in a number of different areas.

When it comes to condominium and housing, there remains some debate as to whether fees associated in these areas are based on this business model. For, while there is no doubt that home and hotel based time-shares qualify, those whom only use a home as a primary residence often prefer to think of home ownership agency fees as part and parcel to home ownership rather than being a subscription.

With the current growth and development of newer clubs, it is often advised that interested individuals compare pricing, subscription fees, services and read a variety of reviews before signing a contract or making payment. For, while some have amazing deals, others are just out to make as much money without any concern for the type of service being offered in return.

While these organizations can often be a good option for some travelers, those living on limited income, retirees and students may also want to check out discounts offered by airlines, bus and train companies and hotels on an individual basis. For example, in the United States, Greyhound, Amtrak and many hotels offer discounted rates to students and senior citizens.

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