Sunday, December 24, 2017

Rent A BVI Catamaran Charter For Your Next Vacation

By Carl Cooper

If you love the ocean and want to have a lovely vacation on the water, then the British Virgin Islands is just the spot for you. No matter if you are a family or on your honeymoon, the waters of this area are begging to be explored. A BVI Catamaran Charter is one of the absolute best ways to explore all that these waters have to offer.

You may have been on a sailboat or even a yacht before, but those are not the same as a catamaran. This is a special kind of boat that has two hulls that are connected in the middle by some kind of material or structure. For smaller vessels, the material could be super strong webbing that is comfortable to sit on. For larger ones, the bridge between the hulls may be large enough for multiple passengers.

Most of the catamarans in the BVI are of the smaller or medium variety, and not the supersized ones that can haul cargo. They are that way because smaller vessels are best for exploring the more than 60 islands and cays that comprise the British Virgin Islands. A huge ship or yacht would simply not be able to get into some of the areas between the islands, as they may be too wide or deep to fit. A catamaran would not have these issues most of the time.

Since the boats are low to the water, you can look over the edge and see all the sea life that is just below the surface. The waters in this area are so clear that you can see down to the sand in shallower water. The low profiles makes it easy to get into the water for swimming and snorkeling. Each model has some kind of ladder or even a cockpit extension to make it easy to get back on the boat as well.

Some charter services will take you out just for a day or for a sunset type cruise. Others will rent to you for a week or more, for people who really want ot relax out on the open water for days at a time. Some companies will offer a discount if you book in advance for more than a week. If you book during off peak times, you may also be able to get a deal, so do not hesitate to ask if there is a lower price.

If you would like to vacation in the lap of luxury, then you can rent a boat with a crew. This means a hostess and captain who will take care of you and your guests.

If you do not require a crew, you can opt for what is called a bareboat sailing, where you are on your own to do all the food prep, serving and cleaning. It is really up to you which one suits your needs the best.

Most have at least a seating area with a table and padded seats that can accommodate many. Others have a large section below deck with one or more cabins and bathrooms. Each cabin can sleep at least two, while some can sleep up to four. The bathrooms have showers, sinks and toilets along with clean, running water.

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