Friday, December 22, 2017

Womens Travel Group Focused On The LGBTQ+ Community

By Jessica Cooper

While there are a number of agencies related to tours for the general population, some are better than others. When it comes to locating a womens travel group, one of the best according to several magazines and other publications is that of Olivia travel. While primarily working with the LGBTQ+ community, the company also works with straight women whom are allies or supportive family members.

Whether desiring to relax at an all inclusive resort for up to 7 days, spending time on a cruise, or taking a short river boat ride, Olivia and similar companies have a lot to offer. In most cases, the cruises and resorts focus on bringing women together. Although whether single, in a couple, or part of a larger group, most report having a great time while at a resort or on-board a vessel.

As there a number of singles trips offered, a number of women have found soul-mates while experiencing this type experience. In addition, for those whom would like to be married while onboard, the company can accommodate a wide variety of services. Whether needing counseling, locating a minister or providing a place for a wedding to take place, Olivia provides all these services and more.

Unlike most cruises, the company charters the entire vessel. As such, the only passengers aboard are women. Whether comedy, dancing, singles activities or casino games, all entertainers and staff are also women. In most cases, all activities and meals are included. At times, alcohol is included in the overall price though there are times in which passengers must pay out of pocket, so it is best to check with the company regarding questions related to the cost of alcohol.

Most often, all activities, food and drink are included in a package price. Although, there are some situations in which alcohol might be an out of pocket expense. As such, it is important to ask up front as to what all is included in a package before making a payment. After which, it can often be easier to know how much money one will need while on the ship, at port destinations or while visiting a resort.

In most cases, these companies allow women of natural birth and those whom have transgressed through a sex change. As to whether or not men whom are living as women but have not changed the status on a license or completed a sex change will be allowed on a cruise or at a resort operated by one of these companies is generally up to the company.

While this is the case, it is often up to the property owners and cruise directors as to whether clothing optional space be made available. Most resorts are located on beautiful beaches with plenty of sand and sunshine. In most cases, alcohol, gourmet food and fun are included when staying at one of these type resorts.

For women looking for time on land and shorter travel time, a Riverboat cruise can often be the way to go. For, these cruises offer a great deal more time at a single destination and less time on board the ship. Whereas, most of these short cruises are all inclusive and include a daily tour of the destination, food, drinks, entertainment and nightlife.

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