Friday, January 26, 2018

How To Choose A Right Stand Up Paddle Board For You

By Kimberly Nelson

When you say summer or break, it is always about spending a day at the beach or going somewhere calm where you can relax and enjoy after a stressful days, weeks, or months that you had. You can head out to the beach to catch waves in the ocean or cruise outside of the surf zone. You can also do work out by doing a fast paddle.

Since the aforementioned activities involves a board, choosing the right one is the first step to have a wonderful paddling or surfing experience. If you got one just like the paddle board Maui you probably make a good decision. Apart from enjoying the waves of the beautiful ocean or the peace brought about by the lakes, you can also get a work out.

Stand up paddle boards or SUP, as well as the factors for choosing them, will be a focus in this article. There are three of them which include the surfing, multipurpose or touring, and inflatables. The other two are regular or ordinary boards, namely the yoga and racing boards.

The types of SUP must be understood first before making a choice. This is the first step in doing so because not all of them function according to your preference. Since they are varied, they are expected to perform differently.

The surf stand up paddle boards have nose and tail that are narrower, shorter, and lighter compared to those of others. Because of their structure, it is intended only for quick and high performance turns which are commonly seen in surfing activities at the beach. Thus, it makes this perfect for surfers. However, it is not stable as others thought it might be. Thus, if you are planning to paddle in a long distance, using them is not really a good idea.

The touring SUP is the common one. Aside from its function intended for tourists, almost all functions are incorporated in it. That is why it is known as a multipurpose stand up paddle board. Its stability is greater or higher since it is heavier and wider in structure and larger in volume, making it safer and better for those who wants to try paddling for the first time.

The last one is the inflatable. If you are someone who rents a room or owns a car to store large boards, this one is perfect for you for this lessens your burden created by such situation. It is easier to transport and much lighter unlike the regular ones. However, wave riding in a river using this will be more challenging but doable, provided that the condition is light, since you have to sacrifice the stiffness of the regular board.

After knowing the type, consider the body or hull type. This can help you determine how it functions in the water or how it is used. It depends on what activity or sport you are going to do. As to choosing between inflatable or solid, the storage and portability must be taken into consideration.

To ensure stability and good performance, it is advisable to pick a board with the volume and weight capacity that is proportionate your height and weight. Its dimensions such as the length, width, and thickness are determinants as to how it performs or handles on water. Right from there, you might also want to take a look on its fins or accessories.

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