Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Important Facts On Smith Mountain Lake Fishing

By Anthony Reynolds

One of the challenges that experienced anglers face is finding rivers or lakes that are good for fishing all year round. For those in Virginia, however, this is never an issue. All through the year, many anglers from the state and beyond head to Smith Mountain Lake fishing.

The lake lies at the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains in the State of Virginia. Many people know it for its incredible bass and striper population. The reservoir occupies an estimated 20000 acres. Its shoreline stretches to about 500 miles. Getting the perfect angling spot when around should not take long.

There are many publicly and privately owned marinas and boat ramps lining up the lake shore. State Park is one key attraction located nearby. The park always welcomes the highest number of visitors in summer, with many of them looking to enjoy the beach, hiking trails, campsites, cabins and picnic areas. A well maintained golf course also sits within the park.

One can get ready accommodation at the several nearby lodgings, rental houses and cabins. When summer begins, boats start to flock the waterway. As such, you should consider visiting in the other seasons, more so if you do not fancy getting routinely distracted.

Bass are the most dominant types of fish around. The most preferred type of bass amongst anglers is the largemouth. This species outnumbers smallmouth by a significant margin. Striped bass are also available. While a considerable crappie population is present, it is not as vast as in the other local reservoirs.

The best months for fishing are the spring and early summer months. During these two seasons, vast populations of bass inhabit the shallow sections of the reservoir. This is also regarded as the perfect time for angling as the fish normally fall for all types of bait.

At the peak of the summer season, most bass venture into deep waters. The local anglers love to use live shad as bait. Crappies inhibit the shallow waters between March and May and from October to November. They also love to hang around the marshes and trees close to the shoreline.

All anglers are required to abide by the state regulations. Most of the bait shops in the state offer free copies of regulations. You can also get the same in PDF format on the internet. One key law to bear in mind is that licensing is a must for all angling activities. The local bait stores are also contracted to sell licenses by the authorities. Annual permits go for $18 for locals and $36 for anglers from outside the state.

Before you head out on your boat, ensure you put on appropriate clothing and carry fresh drinking water. Put your water in a non breakable bottle. Some rain gear should also help keep you protected from the occasional rainfall. As most stores have rental rods and reels, you do not have to travel with your own. You can hire a guide to help you out as well.

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