Saturday, January 20, 2018

Spend Your Vacation In Fun With A Great Galapagos Tour Package

By Donna Moore

There are not many global travel destinations that rival South America. Travelers to this great continent are often wowed by the diverse mix of nature and culture. If heading over to Ecuador for your vacation, you might want to choose a Galapagos tour package that covers the following islands, preferably over 8 days.

These islands have made a name for themselves in the tourism world thanks to their abundance of nesting birds and majestic sea lions. With intermittent tours of the surrounding marine and land attractions, many tourists usually end up appreciating the intricacies of nature. With a fun experience lined up for you, you should not really be significantly worried about how much you will spend.

Upon your arrival in Quito, the capital, your tour agency should organize for a pick up from the airport to a hotel. The capital sits on a valley, with most 5 star hotels perched atop the hills on the edges. The hotels here feature traditional Ecuadorian cuisine among other international dishes.

Most in country flights start their departures from dawn. However, your package and itinerary are hat will guide you on this. The first place you will go to will certainly be San Cristobal. Once you land in the target destination, exploration of the surrounding islands and accommodation will be on a yacht.

The views of the archipelago are certainly something to behold. They give you an idea of the volcanic history of the islands. Just close to this location is the Lobos Island. It is famous for its large population of sea lions. Hundreds of them line up the rocky shores as they bask in the sun. As they are harmless, this may be the opportunity to take that potentially viral wildlife selfie you have always wanted.

Further to the northeast is the Boobies of Punta Pitt. This location was christened as such owing to the many nesting boobies it harbors. They are a glorious sight as they hop between the volcanic tuffs. You can spot them from a distance through their colored feet.

Arguably the best beach that the archipelago has, the Cerro Brujo is excellent for an afternoon relaxation. Many tourists sunbathe on its pristine white sands. The turquoise water is great for a dip as well.

Next, proceed to the Genovesa Island. It lies far up north. Over 2 million birds call it home. It has long served as a breeding area for migratory species. Some birds you will see include gulls, Galapagos doves, boobies and storm petrels.

Your tour should come to an end with a visit to the islands of Santiago, North Seymour, Santa Cruz and Isabella. These islands are famed for their vast populations of iguanas, tortoises, crabs, seabirds and dolphins. Once through touring, you will head back to the city to catch an international flight back home.

The travel agency you choose can make or break your tour. Try to ensure you only engage the reputable ones. In the end, your experience should be worth every penny.

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