Monday, January 1, 2018

The Effects Of Technology On Restaurant And Lodge Pangasinan

By Stephanie Morris

Technology has seen tremendous growth over the years. It has laid a major platform for the expansion of many commercial organizations; the hospitality industry is one of them. Many organizations have had a reason to smile following this improvement. They have benefited in several different ways. The restaurant and lodge Pangasinan industry has experienced noticeable improvements as a result. Some of these impacts they have experienced are as discussed below.

Technology has played a significant role in the marketing sector. The internet is an important tool that most organizations need to adopt. It has an opened an opportunity for many in this industry to engage in online platforms. Social media has helped in the marketing sector. Most people access relevant information from these sites. Many market strategists use social media to develop online relationships with customers. They advertise their business through the internet.

Customer satisfaction is one of the major focuses in any enterprise. In this hospitality sector, most managers try to satisfy the needs of their clients. There has been improved service delivery to most customers as a result of technology. Most of these lodgings are fitted with modern equipment that increases the comfort of their customers. Customers can easily get their services from their providers. This has helped increased delivery.

Technology has helped establish improved integration levels. The facilities have developed integration management system. These schemes help build and strengthen relationship ties with their potential guests. It is evident that the systems are getting more sophisticated. The systems also help create a link with the supply purchase systems. They ensure that their clients do not lack their preferences in time of their stay.

Technology has also helped increase the accessibility of these facilities. The replacement of desktop computers by smart-phones and tablets has efficiently increased accessibility. The gadgets are also relatively cheaper to buy and maintain compared to desktop computers. It is easy for their guests to make orders from their rooms and receive immediate feedback. This has helped improve service delivery.

The long queues in large hotels have complicated the check in and checked out process. This is because it is time consuming. As a result, most of their clients do not get enough time to enjoy their stay in these hotels. However, the introduction of applications in smart-phones has made it possible for them to create enough time for fun activities. These applications have made it easy to make reservations before the actual day of the visit.

After a happy holiday, people need to get to their departure points on time. But in most cases, this has not been easy due to the difficult check out procedure. However, screens have been mounted in each room to facilitate this process.

Technology has also introduced new modes of payments. Clients do not have to queue for long hours to pay for the services provided. For instance, it is easy for one to pay using the ATM cards or the televisions mounted in each room. Additionally, it has helped provide a solution to any minor disputes regarding any rates.

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