Thursday, January 25, 2018

Ways You Can Travel For Less

By Kevin Wagner

Traveling is nearly everyone hobbies. However, sometimes situations force us not to exercise our hobbies. With that said, it is still possible to take a trip even when you are not rich. It only needs financial discipline and prior planning. There are many people, who might not be rich but they have traveled to various destinations. If you are looking forward to visiting a destination of your choice soon, then the following 7 tips on how to travel for less will help you realize your dream.

One way of saving on your airplane cost is to purchase one ticket to cover your destinations instead of a ticket for each destination. This is effective for people who plant to visit more than one place. Please note that such packages may have some conditions such as traveling to one direction or visiting your destinations within a year. If you have several places to visit, then this tip might save you a few thousands.

Another way to save money is to be careful with meals. You should not spend a lot of money by dining through the trip. The best way to save money is to try local cuisine which might be slightly cheaper. However, you should pay attention to the hygiene so as not to compromise on your health. Another option is to look for travel packages that include meals or at least breakfast. In case there is a kitchen where you stay, consider preparing your own meals.

Did you know your credit cards can save you money if you are traveling to a foreign country? There are some cards that attract zero fees for foreign transactions. To enjoy such benefit, you have to notify your bank before traveling. Some credit cards can earn your airline miles.

As you plan your vacation, please consider carrying only what you will use, otherwise you may end up paying for things that add no value to your trip. Most airlines have standard luggage fees, usually $25 per bag. Some airlines charge higher than this. On top of this, you are also charged if you exceed the standard weight limit. This means you will spend a lot if you were to carry several bags. A minimalist approach is the best way to save money on luggage.

Apart from airline cost, another significant expense that contributes significantly to the overall trip expenses is accommodation. So, if you are traveling alone or with few people, you can consider staying in a hostel rather than hotels. Fortunately, there are international organizations that allow adults to stay in hostels. One of them is Hostelling International and Youth Hostel Association. The good thing about such accommodations is that they have amenities such as free Wi-Fi and meals. Another option is peer to peer rental through platforms such as Airbnb.

Another way you can save on your vacation expenses is through traveling packages. There are several good deals on Groupon or LivingSocial that you may take advantage of. You can also let vacation agents handle most of your tour planning. These professionals understand different destinations, so they can easily get better deals.

It is also possible to utilize employee benefits and other group membership opportunities that you are entitled to. These benefits could include paying for vacation expenses.

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