Saturday, February 17, 2018

Sailing Adventures Tours In Santorini For The True Explorers

By Charles Gibson

Whether it is through the Adriatic or across the Mediterranean, a sailing tours in Santorini provides the perfect opportunity to let ones hair down while enjoying the beauty of nature and the freedom of the wide open sea. Fortunately, a sailing adventure is accessible to sea lovers of all descriptions, and tailor-made packages can be arranged through a reputable travel agent.

One of the most sought-after destinations for boat cruise is Thailand with its islands and pristine open seascape. Bordering the glittering Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, there is sea everywhere one looks as one traverses this beautiful country. It is possible to get from island to island in an exclusive catamaran for a vacation with a difference, learning some Thai traditions as one mingles with the locals between yachting adventures.

If you think to try kayaking, snorkeling, and hiking. Then you need to get yourself to Indonesia. There is a lot of opportunities to interact with the water on this level. You can get even closer to the water, by boarding the catamaran to go through the sea passages. In case you are not completely convinced yet, Indonesia has over 13000 pristine islands. That means there is a lot to discover and learn about.

Sri Lanka offers many extraordinary beaches, tucked away beneath breath-taking foliage, and bordered by exquisite coastlines. Exploring here will be reminiscent of the early settler days for the islands as the rural, undiscovered feel is still palatable, according to first-hand reports. There are many fishing villages and from a boats eye view, one will be able to see villages bringing in the daily catch. The islands also have heritage, UNESCO Sites which are guaranteed to satisfy ones inner archaeologist.

You haven't truly lived until you have been on the beautiful waters of Greece. It is a place every sailor needs to visit to truly say they are experienced once in their life the power of the sea. This place has many historical elements that you not only have to read about but see in the land with your own two eyes. Not only that, you need to explore the Greek palate as well.

Greece is all about the color and the vibrancy. This is a view you can experience from your boat. The cities are unlike any other, even travel brochures can't fully capture the glow of the people and the color, the richness of local food and the vibration of the typical music.

Explore the same seas the early Christians braved in spreading the gospel and understand the mystique coming from the oceans which inspired the many myths which color the Greek culture. Other suggested places for sailors to visit include the British Virgin Islands, Cuba, Croatia and Montenegro and the Maldives.

To find out more about these exotic locations and to book a place on one of the sea-bound vessels requires setting up an appointment with an agent who specializes in cruises and yacht/catamaran adventures. Group adventures can also be arranged with the assistance of an agent an adventure is more fun with friends. If one plans to man the vessel oneself, there are various courses available for assisting in learning this valued skill.

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