Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Sites To Check Out When On The King William District Tours

By Sarah Stewart

The King William neighborhood in Texas has a history that dates back to the 1860s. At the time of its founding, lots of renowned families moved to settle to the area that sits near the San Antonio River. In the beginning of the 1900s, the general architecture of the neighborhood changed, with new suburbs cropping up rapidly. As a location that holds a lot of historic significance, it is often visited by tourists from the US and abroad. Be sure to explore the following sites when around for the King William district tours.

Your first stop should be the Conservation Society. It was founded in 1924, a time when community preservation groups were just starting to come up. Its main purpose is to promote the preservation of historically significant sites in the area. Its efforts have borne fruit, with historic sites such as the Spanish colonial missions still intact.

The society also organizes lots of interesting activities through the year. Its annual bus tour for kids is one activity that no parent would want to miss out on. The tour takes school children on an exploration of historic sites in the area. Local micro conservation projects also get regular funding from the society. Besides this, it publishes books on the history of Texas.

One building that you should certainly check out is the Edward Steves Homestead. You should be able to spot it once you get to Villa Finale. It used to be inhabited by the family that founded the Steves Lumber Company. The building features Gothic 19th century architecture, a style that was predominant at the time of its construction. Today, it is fully owned and run by the Conservation Society. The house is open for visits all year round.

The Office of Historic Preservation is a key attraction too. It is mainly charged with safeguarding the cultural, architectural and archeological heritage of the district. It runs seminars and organizes fun activities every now and then. Set a date to visit and learn a thing or two about the local history.

You will not find your tour fulfilling without a visit to Southtown. It is famously described as a bohemian settlement. It features a number of neighborhoods that are lined with museums, antique clothing stores, bars, restaurants and coffee shops. You might want to pop into the area for relaxation after an exhaustive tour of the historic buildings nearby. The restaurants are known to specialize in many local and international cuisines.

Many often say that a visit to the area is never complete without a tour of haunted sites. Local folklore often talks about buildings that have been long haunted by spirits of previous occupants. There are tour firms that offer packages that solely focus on haunted buildings. Whether the ghost stories are true is a matter that can only be left to you, but it is a fact that some of the listed areas are indeed spooky. Some stories told by the locals can make your stomach churn.

It is always advisable to use the local tour agencies as opposed to moving around unguided. This way, you will save more time and get to see more places. Most of the packages are affordable, so money should not worry you a lot.

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