Thursday, March 1, 2018

La Paz Waterfalls Poas National Park, A Place Worth Visiting

By Harold Thomas

Costa Rica was evaluated as the happiest country in the world. It is the first country in Latin America that is democratic. Discover the beauty of its country by getting out of its metropolitan area to unfold its scenic natural beauty were volcanoes, rainforest, and waterfalls are revealed.

Your Costa Rica adventure is not complete if you will not be able to go to attractions that made the country famous. So, you really have to make a tour in La Paz Waterfalls Poas National Park before you pack your bags and go back to where you came from. There is a famous waterfall there called La Paz which means peace in Spanish. The park that you will be visiting has five beautiful waterfalls.

Take a hike in La Paz Waterfall Garden so that you can see these majestic waterfalls. The whole hiking trail is 3.5 kilometers long. It may sound tiring but the views and the beauty that will be unfolded in front of you is worth all the walking and would be replaced by excitement.

There are many rescued animals that can be seen along the way. Some of it are wild cats, monkeys, frogs, and snakes. The great thing is that you may see them up close which is a fantastic chance that you could have. You may take picture with the wild life as long as you want, perfect for those nature photographers.

A butterfly sanctuary is also present which you will walk pass and stop by for a quick photo. Throughout the entire Costa Rica, the park is also the best bird watching place you may experience. Hundreds of these birds would migrate there since the place is full of fruit bearing trees. Up close and personal with toucans are available and hummingbird garden where you may feed them is present.

Kudos to the developer for building the trails by carrying the materials on foot and not harming even a single tree. The place is truly unharmed and untouched. Throughout the hiking journey you are gonna come across five delightful waterfalls that would put you in awe.

Taking pictures is an easy as a pie because there are platforms created below, above, and in front of these waterfalls for a great picture opportunities and luxury viewing. Many tour packages includes a free breakfast and lunch that you can enjoy eating while taking in fresh air and a great view of the falls in front of you.

Poas Volcano is located along the are which you may view before or after the garden trip. You might want to rest for a few minutes first because you are going to take a hike again to reach it. The volcano has two craters and the other one has a lagoon on it with water that is crystal blue and rich in sulfur and acid.

Wearing comfortable shoes that is fit for walking is recommended so you will not encounter problems because you will be hiking throughout the entire tour. Comfortable and dry fit clothes are the appropriate type of clothing to wear since the place has a high altitude. A camera with lots of memory on it should be brought along to capture everything.

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