Monday, March 19, 2018

Machu Picchu Tour Package, Planning Original Breaks For The Family

By Patrick Scott

Fun family vacations may sound like a paradox. Many parents think about the looming doom of the high energy levels, and quick descent to boredom that most children experience while getting to a destination, and at the destination itself. There are so many well-known and repetitive complaints that come from children, especially with a Machu Picchu Tour Package, that the thought of actually doing a family getaway and returning with your sanity intact is something you do not believe is possible. So how do you have a vacation that is fun for adults and kids?

If you really look at it, traditional places that are meant for kids are expensive and not always thrilling for adults. Disney World and Disneyland are overdone cliches. Possibly nice for a visit, but not your yearly holiday. Fortunately, the US has a mass of land with a multitude of unexplored places that can engage and excite a childs mind for ages. The best way to plan your next adventure is to pick a few places, explain why they are interesting, and get the family to vote via secret ballot. Then you have a destination.

You need to have some awesome tunes while driving to thee destination. Classics that really are about the freedom of road, that the whole family can sing along too. Try Country Road and destination songs like Sweet Home Alabama. Anything by the Beach Boys seems to be a hit with kids too.

And do not forget the hotdogs! Although these do not fall under healthy cheats and treats are allowed, and many little ones love them. In addition to food, games for the road need to be played. You can go traditional with I spy or look up the history and regale the family with some excellent tales. For instance, anything to do with gun-slinging cowboys and Native American wars will be perfect for the West. You cannot go wrong with aliens for trips past Las Vegas, and Big Foot will delight in the more northern, forested areas. Why not get the family to create a story chain where each adds their own bit to the story?

This will keep everyone in the car glued to the windows for a long while as they try to spot famous landmarks which can be real or fabricated. The point is to engage the fertile imaginations of young children and distract them so the complaining is less!

Camping is fun if you make it fun. Look for the most unique places to go camping in the US. There are sure to be a load of really interesting ones. Involve the whole family and get them looking up flora, fauna, and the history at your destination. For younger ones, make up stories about the scary or exciting things you are on a quest to find. We have to find the hidden treasure is sure to spark any five-year-olds imagination.

For the technologically minded, a trip to Cape Canaveral will not disappoint. Or maybe the history of gold mining and those abandoned towns is something your family wants to experience. Make sure you do something from a family members bucket list each year. This ensures that everyone gets a fair shot at seeing something they will enjoy.

There are so many things to consider when travelling with kids. However, if you want your trip to be more enjoyable, make it more child friendly. Get the family to be part of the decision making process.

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