Saturday, March 24, 2018

Top Places Famed For San Antonio Hauntings

By Elizabeth Price

Ghost folklore has been predominant for ages, and filmmakers are making a killing out of some of the most renowned horror stories. Texas holds a reputation for being a highly visited place by chasers of ghost sightings. It is well known for the San Antonio hauntings, with a plethora of tourists regularly flocking the many haunted sites in the area.

Alamo is a local site that is renowned in this regard. Tales have been told of how dead locals began to make apparitions soon after the Battle of Alamo. These regaling tales have kept coming up with the passing of the years. The locals actually consider Alamo the most eerie location within the San Antonio area.

The downtown area is home to a plethora of haunted hotels too. If you have always harbored a strong interest in the paranormal, a few nights in these establishments should cure your curiosity. Among the most prominent haunted establishments in the area are the Emily Morgan, Sheraton Gunter, Menger, Crockett and St. Anthony hotels.

If you are looking for a simple inn with a uniquely terrifying reputation, head over to the Holiday Inn Express. A crippling sense of fear will creep through you as you proceed to the reception. This facility once served as a county jail before it was converted into an establishment.

A host of weird experiences have been reported by guests and staff. Once checked in and resting, one cannot shake off the morbid sense of being watched. Some of the frightening tales told involve windows and doors being opened and closed supernaturally. The installed CCTV cameras have also captured many unexplained apparitions.

The Spanish Governors Residence is a site you might want to visit too. The outer section of the building looks sinister. It has played a host of functions since its inception. During the apex of the Battle of Alamo, it was a military fortification, before later occupants built shops and an execution ring within its vicinity.

Its hallways and outdoors are supposedly roamed by the spirits of young kids. There is talk of a past murder victim haunting the site as well. These tales point to the fact that people will continue believing in the afterlife and reincarnation, just as their ancestors did. The onus is on you to verify if the said claims are facts or the stuff of legend.

Another morbid site is the San Fernando Cathedral. It is easily noticeable in town. It is also the oldest landmark in the area. Its Gothic architecture complements its eeriness. Some late night worshipers often say they get followed by ghostly silhouettes. It is creepy to simply think about it.

The nearby railroad tracks form an urban legend. To get to the site, head out to Shane Road. Tales of ghosts shoving parked vehicles onto the tracks are rife. Ghostly apparitions of nuns and children have also been reported before.

A trip to the deserted Midget Mansion should cap your tour. The 1920s structure has a morbid history. Neighbors usually report hearing eerie night screams. Some locals say Satanists use it as a rituals site.

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