Thursday, March 15, 2018

Wine Tour Atlanta GA For Relaxing Travel Away From The Crowds

By Scott Barnes

Travel can be highly stressful for the traveler. From packing to flying or driving to your destination, the whole experience can be tarnished by that alone. The last thing you want is loads of tourists at your destination increasing that stress. So why not try Wine Tour Atlanta GA on your next getaway?

The best choice you can make is to find places that are not on the tourist radar yet. Yes, they can be a little more difficult to get to, but the lack of noisy tourists and the abundance of peace and quiet will make it all worth it. For the ultimate chill-out spot, you can choose hidden beaches, heavenly hikes, or cultural curiosities. These are found the world over, so it is just a matter of where you want to go really.

Going on a beach holiday is so often a cliched trip to Thailand or Mexico. It is not to say that these places are unpleasant, but with the number of tourists that visit them, they can be overcrowded and rowdy. If you want to feel less like a sardine in a can, put out feelers for destinations such as Saint. Eustatius. While everyone knows St. Barths, few explore the lesser known cousin that is Sint. Eustatius.It has all the Caribbean glory without the crowds. If you are after surfing, you cannot beat Manorca in Peru. A short flight from Lima, this beach paradise is almost unknown to westerners, yet the locals are fond of it. For more watersport-based action, skip California and head to the Andamans in India. From scuba diving to snorkeling, and surfing to water skiing, these islands will more than rock your boat!

Romantic trips are the ultimate excuse to really go into a recluse mode. Italy and France are full of loving couples and while culturally appealing, have few undiscovered spots. If a cultural European destination is on the cards, go to Copenhagen, Denmark. This city has far fewer tourists and boasts romantic canals, great shopping, and gourmet foods. Closer to home is Paws Up in Montana. Here you can choose from one of the resorts surrounded by the peace and quiet of working cattle farms and little civilization. If a tipple or two is needed, skip Napa Valley. Go to Kelowna, British Columbia. Not only can you sip world famous wines, but romantic activities abound such as hot air balloon rides and snowshoeing through the countryside by moonlight.

If Africa is calling your name, there are many undiscovered, safe destinations to travel to on this continent. For a feast of wildlife try the Namib Desert in Namibia. The oldest desert in the world, it is teeming with game and also boasts desert-adapted elephants. In addition, it has some charming accommodation. For a real eyeful try Chamarel in Mauritius. Not only will you gasp over their sea of violet, brown, blue, and green colored sand dunes, but you can soak up the warm Indian Ocean from a private villa too.

If you like activity on your escape, then head to one of these breathtaking hiking spots. Try the Araroa Trail in New Zealand. It is a tough hike that spans coastal sands, bushwhacking, mountains, and jungles for almost 2000 miles. However, you will avoid the better-known tourist! In the US the Franconia Ridge Loop/Traverse in New Hampshire. It is only 9 miles, and you do get a lot of hikers (about 700 a day), but the famed White Mountains gives you the opportunity to see stunning alpine botany at its best, still with a fraction of the tourists encountered elsewhere.

Some other hidden spots exist that could be exciting for someone seeking solitude. If water leaves you in awe, try Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. The waterfalls here are sure you wet your appetite for more! If cultural invigoration is what you want, head right off the path to Samarkand in Uzbekistan. This was a prime spot during the salt trading days and is right with history. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site now, but still low-key on the tourist scale.

No matter which experience you are craving for your escape, you want to know you can lie back and de-stress in the peace of your chosen destination. So avoid the hyped-up places, and try something that most people would not recommend. It is probably the most recommendable choice for peaceful, mesmerizing vacations.

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