Thursday, April 5, 2018

Adventure Life And Active Adventures South America

By Peter Perry

When it comes to touring different parts of the world, there are several companies which can provide these services. While this is the case, there are two which are well known and respected. These are Adventure Life and Active Adventures South America. In most cases, individuals looking to tour this part of the world focus on Peru, New Zealand and Australia.

Travelers need to assure that all vaccination, travel documents and passports are in order before leaving home. In many cases, there will be document checks and inspections while on this type tour. As such, the better individuals prepare for these stops, the fewer delays will occur. Whereas, it is also advised that individuals bring clothing for all weather types. For, whether in South America as elsewhere can often change quickly without notice.

Whether traveling alone, or with a group, either of these companies provide trips and tours to fit a variety of needs. When it comes to Active Life, the tour company has been around for quite some time. For, the company offers private journeys, expedition voyages and small group tours. As both groups often sell out, it is important to register and pay a deposit as long as possible before planning on taking a tour.

While Adventure Life company began as a Latin tour specialist offering South and Central America land tours, the company now offers trips around the world, including trips to Antarctica, Africa and Alaska. Offering tours which focus on ecotourism, the company is eco-conscious and tries to maintain a business and tours which are green. As such, the company requests that all guests be eco-conscious and leave areas clean and free of debris while on tours.

Most of these adventures limit a group to twelve individuals though often travel with six or fewer. While a large portion of travelers arrange customized or private tours, there are also organized groups. Since going into business in 1999, the company has served over twenty four thousand travelers.

While the company provides tours around the world, the home office is located in Montana. As such, it is considered an American company registered in the state of Montana. As this is the case, any comments, complaints, suggestion or other documentation need be sent to the home office in Montana.

While Adventure Life provides a number of different tours in which one can travel around the globe, there is another group which provides tours that involve a great deal more activity and exercise. The other group, Active Adventures tours provides tours loaded with personal service, culture, history, food and entertainment. In addition, the company travels to some of the most awe aspiring areas in South America.

Whether traveling to Ecuador, Patagonia, Bolivia, the Galapagos Islands or Peru, this company provides first class service to all travelers. In most cases, individuals using this company prefer to take long hikes such as the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, sail the seven seas such as the case when visiting the Galapagos Islands or cycle down a Volcano, such as the one in Ecuador. As such, for those looking for the ultimate in adventure travel, this company is a great option.

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